The Annex Art Party 6 – Unicorn Awards, Viral Videos, #TOArtGiftIdeas (Phase 3)

The Annex Art Party 6 - Unicorn Awards, Viral Videos, #TOArtGiftIdeas (Phase 3)  

TAAP6 - The Annex Art Party

A holiday pop-up market for up to 60 vendors that feature positive vibes for a creative community. Emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.

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The Unicorn Awards

From its inception, we’ve pushed to evolve The Annex Art Party into a living piece of art, where patrons can walk through captivating environments created by Unicorns. The Unicorn Awards bring that idea to life, as they help artists build currency online and in person. 

Creating a show within a show, The Unicorn Awards are given to reward the artists who create the most memorable experiences at our shows. Event attendees are encouraged to cast their Unicorn Awards votes at the show, on our website, and through our social media pages.

The event and voting will continue throughout November, and the winning Unicorns will be awarded at the Potluck Meetup on November 24th at 3:00PM.

Unicorn Awards Voting System

  • In Person (The Annex Art Party) : 7 points
  • On Our Website : 5 points
  • Instagram Likes and Comments : 3 points
  • Facebook Likes and Comments : 3 points 

The Unicorn Awards is an event within The Annex Art Party and is the engine that keeps it moving forward online and at the event throughout the winter season. It has been designed to maximize #UnicornAwards #TAAP6 #TOArtGiftIdeas and is open to all Canadian artists. Artists must directly participate through a program of CreativeUTO in order to receive awards.


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Award Categories Include:

Live Painting of the Fall: Focuses on live creation. Artists will have six hours to capture the philosophy of the event: #FindYrSunshine 

Best Art Installation: Focuses on the best table presentation. This strongly encourages artists to start thinking beyond a table and set up creative art installations.

Best Art of the Fall: Focuses on a single piece of work that captures and defines the philosophy of the event. Winner will be presented an award/certificate.

Emerging Artist of 2019: Focuses on new artists, who have never been featured at a TAAP event before, and achieve the most volume of interest.

Cosplayer of the Fall: Focuses on living art. We encourage artists and patrons alike to be creative and dress freely. Turn yourself into a work of art and the best piece wins an award.

Tinkerer of the Fall: Focuses on artists who create handmade objects, such as arts and crafts, jewelry, enamel pins, Steampunk, etc. The artist with the most volume on Instagram will be awarded Tinkerer of the Fall.

Curator of the Fall: Focuses on art collectors. Art curators are welcome at the event, including collectors, galleries, or personal collections. The curator with the most volume will win an award.

Performer of the Fall: Focuses on recorded art. Videos of our performers will be uploaded on Instagram and the performer with the most volume will receive an award. 

Artists Talk Solution Unicorn of the Month: Focuses on popularity and impact. This Unicorn Award is reserved for artists with the most volume on CreativeUTO. 


Cute little Doggo is not included :p  


New Award: Unicorn of the Month

The Unicorn of the Month Award is based on the interviews we publish on CUTO Marketplace. This award is designed to highlight trending artists, based on their accumulated volume of pageviews, sales, shares, likes, and comments.

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Potluck Meetup - Viral Marketing Strategy

A weekly event where we gather for four hours, share our food and culture, what it means to be creative entrepreneurs, and collaborate on each other's project outlines through a design and thinking process.

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TOArtGiftIdeas - Toronto Art Gift Ideas

By registering for The Annex Art Party 6, artists and their work will be entered into our photobook. These art pieces will be resold online through our social media channels - TOArtGiftIdeas and Individual pieces sold will be split 40/60 towards the artists, in order to assist CreativeUTO with overhead costs.


This Is A Unicorn - Viral Video

Video Content (What to Record):

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Website or social media page
  • Introduce The Unicorn Awards
  • Ask fans for their vote


Next Steps for Participating Artists 

  • Go to this Google Drive to download your videos flyers, and upload your art
  • Make sure to name/tag your art, tell us the medium and $$$ price
  • Create your video or send us a picture to represent you
  • Use hashtags #CUTO #CreativeUTO #TAAP6 #TOArtGiftIdeas on social media
  • Submit your pictures with names, mediums, prices, and tag with your Instagram handle
  • Attend The Annex Art Party for a chance to receive more points!
  • CreativeUTO will post and promote the video to invite our followers
  • CreativeUTO will pay for advertisement on Instagram and YouTube through our channels
  • CreativeUTO will distribute flyers on Bloor and Bathurst to promote the hashtags


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