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A 3-Point Checklist for Analyzing a Business Opportunity

Every time we say yes to a new project, we’re saying no to other things – our own projects, our friends and family, our self-care. There may be pros to saying yes, but what if there’s a method to figuring out what to say yes to?

Instagram tips for business are good, but what do you do when you need to negotiate multiple business opportunities? Which one’s do you say no to?

You might be thinking, why would I want to say no to an opportunity? There are plenty of reasons. The most being, do you want to spend more time creating based on the visions of others over your own? Do you want to own your work, or give that license to others?

The least being, partnerships can go bad, bleed beyond what you originally agreed to, or they may contradict your values. Certainly chasing a cheque makes sense to ensure you have a roof and food, but if the work compromises your principles the deal might not be as sweet as it looks. Above all, don’t hit the nail on the wrong project just because you have a hammer.

Before you decide, know the three C’s of analyzing a business opportunity. Being in the thick of the moment – you’re sitting across a brand, or fun opportunity that might blind-side you. Also, negotiation from execs who spend and hire are not to be over looked. Or, they’re your friends, and you have a difficult time saying no. As a result, you need clarity, conviction and choice.

  1. Clarity – Understand what the business opportunity is very carefully. What’s the ask, the budget, scope, and who owns the work? Will more work be added later, how will that be billed? Are there additional expectations you need to know about?
  2. Conviction – understanding the opportunity might be simple , but does it align with your values, mission and where you see yourself in a few years? What are your principles and will this impact your reputation in any unforeseeable or irreversible ways? Will it help you, or will it exploit you?
  3. Choice – consider your options before anything. Negotiate terms you don’t like. Saying no might mean you’re putting yourself in a better position in the long-run to work on your ideas, your longevity, and not just the immediacy of an opportunity bait dangling in front of you like a carrot.

Say no, and focus on the attention your craft needs, such as quality and reputation. Say yes, and sacrifice time, and possibly creative vision and values – but above all, only you know what will work for you. You might have to go through some experiences to grasp your convictions. Or, speak with an established artist for mentorship.

Finally, think the opportunity through, and see with new eyes using the three C’s. If possible, negotiate the terms of the work to reach a middle ground. Perhaps you’re building your portfolio, but will it benefit you? You can’t say yes to everyone – your talents and vision won’t evolve that way.



Blog – Three Layers to Ourselves

Insight - The Abyss of Failing Someone

Cold Open

They say love flashes before our eyes when death stares us in the face.

That love is our life, it's an overwhelming amount of information stimulating our brains. It starts as a slow pulse, then hits 60 miles per hour, we enter the highway, then it's 1000s of miles per hour coupled with a roaring brightness; blinding to the eyes and fire to our minds. It's kind of like the time we use to snuggle in the back of our parent’s car, half asleep. Road trip to our next adventure.

Death is the only thing promised to us. Everything ever created must inevitably end, sand must return to glass. We are sand becoming glass, and because that evolution is constant, love is constant.

Because love is constant, our lives flashing before our eyes is constant. A million slides reflecting every second of our lives.

That's my mother.

I can still hear her cry at the thought of losing her son, something I selfishly wish I never experience.

She lost her mind, panicked and hysterical, and this moment in time happens so fast. That’s the crowd of onlookers around us, that’s the moment I gain consciousness. That’s that cough that pushes water out of my lungs. That’s the hand that grabs me out of the water. That’s my reflection, a mirror in the water before I crash through.

I remember getting pushed in a pool as an ending and beginning.

Those set of slides are my mother hugging me out of the cold open.

Three Layers to Ourselves




Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the word: its beauty, its grace, and the freedom it offers from the trappings of living in a material world.

Here is my uncle giving me another 1 hour lecture; it’s about a cup.

He tells me that I need to let go of my angst. He delves deeper and tells me if I’m holding a cup for too long and it becomes too heavy, I am going to let it fall on the floor, broken in a million pieces, water everywhere.

By accepting that we’re wasting time and energy holding a cup up, waiting for our needs to be met, we open ourselves up to solutions, we learn new things because we grew older: it’s wisdom. 

Wisdom, an ongoing process that helps us learn to see the world around us more clearer than before. Next time we choose a lighter cup, maybe fill it halfway up so we can hold it longer, or there, over there a table top. With foresight comes understanding, and though it’s a cup analogy it shows how simple the process of life can be.

Those slides eventually turn from black and white, to color screens, high definition then holograms.


The Power of Choice

We are given free will; all mankind has a right to free will and therefore the right to choose (within limits). We can’t fly (in the material world) but we can choose to react to things or be responsive.

That's what separates humans from wild animals; animals act on instinct, animals can be rabid and those animals can’t (necessarily) be held accountable for their actions. (purrrr)

We are every choice we have made and part of making these choices is by understanding who we are, and by extent what we want, something done through reflection.

One of my favorite comic books of all time is beautifully scripted by Brian Azarello, and his writing is breathtakingly illustrated by on of my favorite artists, Jim Lee.

It made me understand Superman as a person, that he goes through doubt and insecurity.

The comic beautifully illustrates why he has to wear this mask…

Why we all wear masks.


Kal El is a Mother’s Child

The 1st layer to ourselves is Kal El: the person only our parents know.

They were the ones that have known us from birth, they are the (early) architects of our lives. That’s me at the edge of a pool, my reflection staring back at me, surface of the water is a fear barrier, plunging through is the only way to overcome fear.

I am my mother’s child in more than a million ways. Her wisdom set the tone towards an ever-evolving study of self, and though I’m sure there are other key moments in my life, learning to swim was the best way to speak about self reflection.


Clark Kent is our 2nd layer

The 2nd layer is the mask we create to protect our vulnerabilities. In the age of social media we’re increasingly forced to wear many masks for different circles and situation. We can lose ourselves in the shuffle.

The danger of the second layer is the ego, a false sense of self, a self that feeds on the seven deadly sins only to tax us with more self-doubts and insecurity once the dopamine wears off.

In Superman’s story, Lex Luthor represents that side of humanity

Lex figures out who Superman is, though he’s brilliant in his own right, he’s conflicted. Because he can’t see clearly he dismisses the idea, he can't fathom that a person with the power of a god would disguise themselves as a feeble human being.

It takes letting go of the ego, to steps outside oneself and look oneself in the mirror with sober eyes. When we understand we know when to put the cup down.

Lex Luthor represents the half of humanity that doesn't understand, he’s always holding up his cup; his cup is jealousy.

Lois Lane can't see through the disguise; her cup is...

Insight - Hierarchy of Minds

The Third Layer To Ourselves

In Hierarchy of Minds I bring up the 4 mindsets and I would like to elaborate on that to close the third layer. The first 2 mindsets are at the bottom of that hierarchy because they are prisoners of their own minds, a situation all of us go through. But some of us become addicted to it, the victim of circumstance without holding ourselves accountable, we feel society owes us something, it's a slave mentality. The soldier stops complaining about their circumstance, they decide to do something about it, but a soldier will only go so far before they quit.

A step beyond a soldier is the 3rd layer to ourselves, it’s the warrior. A warrior is a soldier who makes the choices to become aligned with their passion. They made the tough choice to jump off the deep end through the fear barrier, because they are willing to die for whatever they are fighting for, what they believe in.


Blog – The Abyss Part 2: Transmuting Fires To Lasers

Blog - The Abyss part 2: Transmuting Fires To Lasers

I lost.

“Gone,” says the little voice in my head.

I’ve been sitting here in the early morning, before the night becomes the darkest and the morning sun paints the sky, fast forwarding and rewinding, asking myself what I did wrong.

My face is screwed up, eyes squinted, I'm blinking in little flickers, but the tears don’t stream.

Those ended as a result of too many Carlton smacks.

Like a street light hunched over in the lonely darkness, I'm looking down at my feet and my train of thought is splitting  like rain drops. The drops are filled with memories and a saxophone provides the soundscape, add drum rolls of thunder and water trickling to an electric rift. It’s a frequency.

There are several fears I contemplate in life. One such fear is to be the villain to my own story, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out in this moment,

“At what point did I become the villain in this story?”

The Abyss of Failing 2: Transmuting Fires to Lasers

Like batteries, we are energy trapped in a body designed to attract, store, and conduct it.  We absorb everything around us whether we want to or not; our brains interpret the energy based on our own knowledge. Consumption goes far beyond the food we eat, it’s the environment we’re in, the media we take in, and the people around us, which sums up the things we think about.

What we think about is a self-fulfilling cycle, our own prophecies: the spells we weave together.

It makes us who we are.

It’s why we are.

Some of us absorb energy at a faster rate than others, and to some of us the overwhelming amount of energy can overcome us and cripple us. Some of us need beds to reset, others need asylums. To most people we are known as introverted, selfish; we have problems, and we have mental health issues. 

As empaths, we have to learn the hard way about absorbing people's energies; I know absorbing the wrong energies (not necessarily negative energy) can lead to negative outcomes when we least expect it to. In my world, where I work hard, I try not to put too much value in material things as I sometimes fear the energies embedded in them.

“To want” can be a distraction, and wanting the wrong things can make us suffer.

But she is my friend.

Insight – The Abyss of Failing Someone

It took me years to learn this.

I've said it before. I wanted reasons to be lifetimes and therefore made my life toxic; I sold myself short because I am toxic. It took years to overwrite and erase that toxic energy and it needed a key called accountability to unlock it.

I made all the choices that got me here!

Overwriting the toxic energy means we need to accept our faults within our story. We need to take heed to what we represented, even if it’s not our fault. When we clear all the stages of grief, we’ll need to find the neural pathways that govern us today and write over them. Doing this costs energy or better yet, it costs MANA.

There have been times I had to meditate for days, shifting through the raindrops, taking the pictures they contain and overwriting them.

And sometimes letting go of one person, one thing, or one happening, means having to let go of 10 others.


I lost.

But she is my friend.

Insight – We Evolve Beyond One Place


Interview – Anthems in Ashes is Raw Power Ft. Harley Olivia

We sat down with Harley Olivia, lead singer of the Toronto band Anthems in Ashes. The hard rock group bring a blend of power vocals, strong riffs and energetic lyrics that will sastify your need for head banging. But much more than that, is the fact that you don’t have to be a hard rock fan to appreciate them, simply being a music lover is more than enough. Releasing their first EP Burn It Down last summer, they’ve performed in some of the most sought after club venues in the city, including the Bovine Sex Club, and recently released their music video for the song “Her Fire” just last month.

What type of music do you perform? Do you write your own material and/or play instruments?

We play a sort of melodic but heavy metal/rock fusion. We write our own stuff. Usually, Mike comes in with a riff idea or skeleton of a song and then we all expand on that.

What first got you into recording music?

I’ve always loved to sing. When I was in singing lessons as a kid, my teacher would record the songs we were performing and I've always loved that process. It gets more exciting as the gear gets more pro!

Have you had the chance to tour and/or perform any shows? If so, what has the experience been?

We have been performing in the Toronto scene for about 2 years now. We love playing The Bovine Sex Club, Cherry Colas, Lee's Palace ect. The next thing we want to do is tour different cities in Ontario and Quebec.

Do you ever get nervous playing in front of other people?

Always. I am a perfectionist and my harshest critic so I always get nervous. It's an excited nervous though, and I've learned to cope with it. Before I go on stage I like to take a couple minutes to myself and focus on my breathing.

How did you realize this was something you wanted to do?

I've always loved performing and I would get obsessed with bands to an unhealthy level. It was just a love that never went away. I go crazy if I can't write and perform.

Is anyone in your family a musician?

My mum used to sing jazz. She has a really beautiful voice.

How do you find the music industry in Toronto?

I think it's getting better. It was really disheartening for a while when venues kept shutting down, but The Hideout came back and has become a great venue to play at. Also, Locos Only has returned which is a once a month event where members of local bands can come and hang out and network with each other. It makes the music community stronger which is really encouraging.

Who are some of your musical influences?

As a teenager I was obsessed with Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, and The Strokes weirdly. Now I listen to a lot of Deftones, In This Moment, Sumo Cyco and Silversun Pickups. I gravitate towards musicians that are dark and theatrical, beautiful but ugly.

Anthems in Ashes on social media:



Official Website

Where to listen:



Fundraiser – Help us Open a Creative Incubator on Dundas Ave. West

Who we are?

A profit share-based incubator system that helps develop creative entrepreneurs through SMARTER Collaboration

Profit share + creative community

  • This community is designed for us to actively participate on projects; each project will be carefully mapped out on Trello and have a monetary value attached.
  • The structure will be broken down into 4 milestones, each with its own tasks to reach there. These milestones are, Alpha phase (gather info), Beta phase (test it amongst close friends), Launch phase and Monitor. The largest portion of the compensation will always go back to the creator (up to 60%).
  • A portion of the profit goes to participants who help along the project, and the rest goes to the community, overheads, or other projects. These percentages are determined before a project is launched during the Alpha phase. Community members can vote on which project to take on.

SMARTER Collaboration

Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm 

  • All projects must start from the foundation up because a tree grows it's roots as deep as it needs to be tall. We start all projects through a Business Canvas Model. This determines time, scope, value, and whether the project is worth pursuing by the creator as well as the community at large. Once we agree on the project we continue through to the Alpha phase by streamlining all the information gathered down to a Project Outline. When we agree on the Project Outline we map out the project on Trello, which allows us to see how it can be monetized by establishing a timeline

For more info on Who We Are? - Click here

Why we do it?

  • to develop creative entrepreneurs in to becoming unicorns
  • To help solve isolation in our community
  • Give artists a platform to focus on their work
  • R&D the relationship between art, Homeless And mental health

#CUTO 300

  • The purpose of the events is to raise money through subscriptions, donations and art sales to fund a 6,200 sq ft. profit share based Collaborative Incubator Space for Creative Entrepreneurs on Dundas West and Davenport. This will give us enough money to pay rent and overheads and sustain for 1 year.

Collaborative community

  • This community is designed for us to actively participate on projects; each project will be carefully mapped out on Trello and have a monetary value attached. The structure will be broken down into 4 milestones, each with its own tasks to reach there. These milestones are, Alpha phase (gather info), Beta phase (test it amongst close friends), Launch phase and Monitor.

Mental health, homelessness isolation

  • A key problem #CUTO eliminates in the creative entrepreneurs space is isolation; it's hard to find spaces with likeminded (abstract) individuals and it's hard to survive in a linear world of 9 to 5 when creation is abstract.
  • It’s hard to monetize art by ourselves and it can become discouraging trying to find the right people. #CUTO eliminates isolation and allows us to share knowledge, skills, and resources enabling community members to focus on the skills they’re strongest at and allowing them to produce more efficient projects.


  • Volume is a byproduct of the SMARTER algorithm, if SMARTER governs how our community functions then Volume turns the value received from participating in our community into currency. Volume is a blockchain based idea design to add a currency to CreativeUTO. This allows artists to exchange their skills without fear of losing “money”. Volume is transparent, artists get volume for animating the incubator by participating in community functions, projects, workshops, creating content, and or selling their art. Volume is assigned by committee and artists can reinvest it back in the community or cash out.

CUTO Campus

The facility will be a constant showcase of creativity that evolves with new themes every 2 to 3 weeks. It will be broken down in to 4 cores, (below) that follow a schedule between, event, workshop and open hours.

  • Video & Tech – a laboratory for technology, coding, videos and development
  • Tinkerer’s Lab where fashion, crafts makers, and jewelry makers can craft
  • Painter’s lounge, where artists can come and paint
  • Knowledge Base a quiet lounge where community members can relax, study or work quietly


Blog – Hierarchy of Minds: 4 kinds of Mindsets

Hierarchy of Minds: 4 kinds of Mindsets

The slave mind is a victim of circumstance; life beat them down and now they are trapped. Not trapped inside a physical space, but their own mental state.


The second type of person is beyond the victim.

This is the soldier: the soldier has something to fight for, but deep down that “slave” voice didn’t die. There is still doubt and fear in a soldier’s eyes, and someone with a soldier mindset will only go so far before they quit.


There is a thin line a soldier can cross over and find a burning desire

Think of the people who inspire us, the champions we follow, people who push us to be the best versions of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be big name, this person can be our mother.


The warrior.

A warrior is a soldier who is in alignment with their passion. They have found the burning desire to pursue it. You can feel their gravity; they have a fire that seduces us and inspires us to be better versions of ourselves, they can define generations, and evolve cultures.


The leader

Once the warrior gains a following, that following crowns them the leader


The Hierarchy of Minds is a module for our Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds workshop

Click here - For more information on our workshops

#TAAP5 – Maurice Tan Art 3rd Judge Added to Unicorn Awards

Born in 1982, Maurice Tan is a self-taught abstract artist living in Toronto. He works with acrylic paint and mediums. His focus is on abstract paintings, as well as semi-abstract figurative and portrait paintings. For his abstract work, colors, layering, and texture are the main focal points. The themes of his abstract paintings include city life and nature. The way colors and texture blend harmoniously in nature is something that really inspires him. His city paintings show interesting colors and texture around Toronto, including the rustic look of old buildings in the downtown area. He finds inspiration while observing city life at dusk, when colors, light, and movement are at their peak. A surreal and dream like presentation can be found in Maurice's figurative and portrait work. Figures and faces are generally distorted. The distortions range from mild to extreme. He conveys different human emotions through distorted facial expressions. The focus is on the eyes in the majority of Maurice's portrait paintings. To the viewer, it presents the emotion and personality of each character. Maurice's work can be found in several galleries around Toronto as well as in private collections in Canada, U.S. India, and the U.K.

What do you do? 
Semi-abstract portraits and figurative work, as well as modern abstract paintings

What are you working on right now? 
A new series of portrait paintings

Why did you get started?
I started doing my art because it's the best way for me to express my emotions and thoughts from my mind. I've always been fascinated with the way we are able to transfer things from our minds onto the canvas.

Describe your creative process?
My creative process begins with basic colors, patterns, and/or textures as background. The main subject, is then painted in a way that comes naturally for me. I avoid accuracy and focus on the subject as a whole. Imperfections or accidental smudges for example, are fine with me, as imperfections will be found through out the painting. When viewed as a whole, everything comes together despite lack of accuracy. That smudge on the painting? It happened as I was creating it, so I tend to leave it. I don't like to spend too much time on any one area in the painting as I prefer to keep a steady flow from beginning to end, and I like my work to have somewhat of a dirty look. I stop when I feel the painting is complete. I usually know this because eventually I reach a point where I can't think of anything else to add to the painting.

Who is your art for? 
My art is for anyone who is looking for an alternative to what is considered beautiful art in a traditional sense. It is important because it's raw, without any filters placed on top. It's my feelings that I've translated onto canvas without doing anything extra to lighten the mood.

If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? 
I would tell my younger self to begin working on my art asap. My only regret is starting my art late, at the age of 32. It makes me wonder where my style and techniques would be today, if I had started when I was a teenager.

What are your views on homelessness, mental health in the arts community?

I think it's very important to have more attention focused on homelessness and mental health in the arts community. It has been shown that art is very therapeutic for everyone, including those suffering from mental illness. There are many talented artists who happen to be homeless. Despite being homeless, they continue to create. Therefore, I believe that more shelters together with education would be very beneficial in helping the homeless.

What is your Instagram (or Portfolio) Url? 


More info on The Annex Art Party

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Video – Nicole Popo is our 2nd Artist of the Week

We appreciate the support we’ve been getting since launching Toronto Artist of the Week!

About Artist of the Week

Trending artist is based on Volume, an algorithm built into the website that takes into account traffic (Google Analytics), sales, shares, likes and comments. We publish different artists every single week and in order to maintain balance.

Every published artist goes through at least 1 post published on our Facebook channels (art posts every 3 hours coming to the CUTO fan page) and Instagram which will reflect the same pictures.



After 1 single post dedicwe focus on advertising Artist of the Week through our main advertisement.


This is our 2nd week.

There are 3 new artists trending on CreativeUTO and 4 artists who have previously attended Annex Art Parties are now returning to vend at The Annex Art Party on Saturday August 25th.

Go to our Facebook event’s page for event details.

Here is a full list of trending artists this week:

1. Nicole Popo

2. David S Thompson

3. Steamgummy

4. Fumu Jahmez

5. The Ark Car 

6. Lordmexia formerly known as Le Port H

7. Desire Betty


Our plans

  • Our marketing strategy is simple - promote toronto artists
  • Since starting artists of the week we started getting 30 to 70 unique visitors daily, our goal is to be near 600 daily by December 
  • We want to be past 1,000 by August 2019
  • We want to be be in a position to produce a 300 artists expo at the convention center by Summer for December 2019


  • Publishing your shop is free, as well as follow up interviews (just send in the content or fill out the form again)
  • Gets their interview heavily promoted on Facebook and on Instagram 
  • This is through video, picture ads
  • We will start publishing a single picture every 3 hours
    • note that every single picture will have a link back to your store. 


  • Artists also get heavily promoted on FB and IG including an advertisement campaign that reaches 13, to 34,000 people (valued $30)
  • Artists of the Week get featured in our weekly art pop up at CSI Annex (valued $60)
  • 2 month membership with CreativeUTO (valued at $60)
  • Business canvass model workshop a sales funnel hierarchy (1 hour per class 4 hours) ($160)
  • A free table at the next Annex Art Party ($45 per table)
  • Gets automatically entered in our #100GiftIdeas 2018 edition for the holidays
  • I'm researching how to sell an annual photo book patrons can buy (right now this will heavily depend on how traffic is by the end of October)

Workshops – We Worked on The Tempus Logo, Remotely

We are hosting remote workshops.

Following up from the previous workshop, we were able to detail the day to day operations for Ari's organization, Tempus Time Savers. This allows us to see, costs down the line, setup quotas, milestones we need to target and when amongst other things.

It also allowed us to work on his website/app, and the logo you see in today’s blog post, being able to send multiple revisions back and forth.

About our business development workshops

The Art of the Sale

The purpose of the workshop is for us to use elements of design thinking to build a business canvass model and learn to pitch our idea within 30 seconds to the class. The workshop will continue onward, with... social media hierarchy, sales funnel hierarchy and know thyself. It'll depend on group consensus.

Business Canvass Model

The results will be that you'll have a business canvass model that gives you the foundation to tell your your story, your idea to web developers, investors, clients, customers,

Click here – to learn more about our business development workshops

for my logo development services - click here


Twenty One Toys’ Sarah Cuddie to Help Award Unicorns for #TAAP5

One defining attribute of an artist is the ability to feel with more intensity; what is further unique to artists is how they use that ability to interpret the world around them. A key attribute of being a unicorn is an artist who interprets and creates something that provides an innovative solution that enriches us.

Some of us use canvas, some make music, a few code, and others create toys.

My interpretation is that mentorship, or how we take in data, is abstract and doesn’t come from a single source. The code reveals itself based on the programming we take in. In a vast world where we are constantly pushed to chase bread and participate in the next circus…

if we




to take a breather and read the “right now,” more often empathize with the universe around us, we wouldn’t need vacations from our working lives.

That brings me full circle to award inning social enterprise, Twenty One Toys, founded by a creative unicorn Ilana Ben Ari, designed to slow us down and help us empathize.

About Twenty One Toys

Twenty One Toys is an award-winning social enterprise that uses toys to teach empathy, dealing with failure, and other key 21st century skills. First featured on TEDx, their multi-award winning Empathy Toy is being used in hundreds of schools and offices worldwide. Proving that toys are the new textbooks, Twenty One Toys is well on its way to creating the world’s first global community of empathic leaders. With workshops and training programs for all ages — even TIME magazine has praised their toys as a future technology!

Go to to Twenty One Toys' website here

About Ilana Ben-Ari

Ilana Ben-Ari is a multiple-award winning product designer, TEDx speaker, and Ariane de Rothschild Fellow. She has been working at the intersection of design and social innovation for over 7 years, has been featured in the Guardian UK, Independent UK, and TIME magazine and is the founder of Twenty One Toys, a multiple-award-winning toy start-up. She transformed her thesis project into the company’s first product, The Empathy Toy. Originally designed for visually impaired students and their sighted classmates. It is now used as a tool to teach Empathy worldwide.

Go to Ilana's website here


About Community Manager Sarah Cuddie

Twenty Toys will be represented by their Community Manager Sarah Cuddie who will be 1 of many industry insiders awarding points during the unciron awards at  The Annex Art Party on Saturday August 25th 

Sarah Cuddie is the Community Manager for Twenty One Toys - an award-winning social enterprise that that teaches empathy, failure, and other key 21st century skills using toys and playful workshops.
Sarah got her entrepreneurial start when she founded a day camp in high school and has been working on filling the world with empathy and play ever since.
Prior to joining the team at Twenty One Toys, Sarah spent 5 years working at one of the largest social enterprises in Canada, Me to We, where she worked to develop leadership and social justice training for schools and organizations.
She is also an Associate Editor at Womanly Magazine, and a freelance writer. Sarah has travelled to 29 countries and speaks 5 languages, which has helped her to learn a lot of people’s stories. What she hasn’t learned there, she learns from her love of reading, and is working towards reading 75 books this year. Sarah believes that stories help people to see beyond statistics, and that art and play can revolutionize the way people of all ages learn.

Follow - Sarah on Twitter

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