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$30 monthly (pay as you go every month. Cancel any time)

$80 for 3 months (1 symposium event. Pay every 3 months but save $15. Cancel any time )

$160 for 6 months (2 symposium event. Pay every 6 months and save $24.  )

We will help actualize your startup and collab on cool projects

  • #DailyArtTO - We publish your art + bio with links back to your store on our website, Facebook, and Instagram page
  • Featured artist on CUTO Podcast (can come back any time to promote your art)
  • Participate in curating the Symposium anthologies + exhibits
  • Weekly Zoom Meetups We meet online to collaborate on the Symposium exhibits

We can help with solo exhibits and or art installations

  • Host a solo exhibit through strategic partnerships. Will cost a bit more, based on your budget

We work with you on developing your business 

  • Build a profitable art business 6-month incubation program.
  • Social Media Real Estate - A weekly meetup where we work on your social media plan
  • WordPress Website - A weekly meetup where we help you develop, host your website, and operate it to profitability
  • The Art of the Sale - Workshop where we design a 10-page Business Canvass Model for your project


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Call For Artists – Build a Profitable Art Business in 6 months. Orientation Starts on July 2nd

Build a Profitable Art Business

Get ongoing business development on Zoom (and eventually in-person) with this 6-month business development program.


Help 300 artists actualize a profitable business system that complements their creative cycle through design thinking approaches, workshops, and ongoing exhibits.

Creating an incubator

After years of researching how artworks, I have come to realize that we are all different, we live differently, we have different business development needs, different advertising needs and different ways of doing things. 

I used the feedback from my research to design the ABLO and SMARTERai operational philosophies that borrow from proven project management principles. This incubation program is designed to accommodate artists and cater to their different business needs.  


However, the Hiscox report notes that online art sales may be benefitting from growth in other e-commerce sectors, as 73% of art buyers said they had bought other products in a similar price range online before buying art online. In 2017, that figure was just 68%. --- Source


Sessions are once per week

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • The incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person

Click the link below to register



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All projects at CreativeUTO go through 4 phases of development. These phases are alpha, beta, launch, operate. ABLO is part of the SMARTER system; both ABLO and SMARTER are based on project management principles and that will help manage the community and the projects involved.  Projects can cycle back to any of the 4 phases in ABLO. One such project is an online collaborative incubator for artists. We’re in the BETA phase of setting up the online incubator. 


BETA phase

We are in the alpha phase of the incubator, looking to gather a community of artists who will get to develop their business side through our workshops; where they will  get proper guidance to prepare a pitch deck for their organization detailing out  their value proposition, target market, sales funnel, and marketing plans.


While online art market growth may be plodding, one key trend has emerged: Big spenders—defined by Hiscox as collectors who spend more than $100,000 per year on art—are increasingly comfortable browsing and buying art online. The report notes that these big spenders are the most frequent visitors to online sales platforms, with 50% of them visiting multiple times per week—a big jump from the previous year, when just 38% of big spenders made multiple virtual trips per week to online art vendors. And those increasingly frequent visits are translating to more transactions—47% of big spenders said they bought art online in the last 12 months, up from 30% in the 2018 report. - Source

In house currency

Community members who earn MANA (our in house currency, built into your account on our website) can use it to trade for resources, cash out, or trade-in for a license to host workshops or their own projects.  


In house workshops include:

  •       SMARTER Collaboration
  •       The Art of the Sale
  •       Know Thyself
  •       Business Model Canvas 2020
  •       WordPress Website Workshop
  •       Get up to $7,000 in funding through Access


You walk away with knowledge on how to operate a profitable business system that fits your day to-day creative process

This includes: 

  • The freedom to fail and succeed
  • Free-flowing design thinking classes
  • Showcase your art at our upcoming exhibits
  • How to set up and operate your WordPress Website
  • Keyword research 
  • Get your pages on Google
  • Social media strategy
  • A Business Model Canvass to create a Pitch Deck
  • Sales funnel content & marketing strategy
  • A fully functional  website
  • Work on projects, or workshops in the community
  • Create a tribe and collaborate on projects together


  • Access to a community of artists
  • Access to events, programs, and workshops

Long term goals

  • Helps us create resources to help with homelessness, isolation and mental illness in our community
  • Build an ecosystem of 300 artists
  • Help us build the Artists and Social Innovation Expo. A 7 day 300 annual artist art installation.

Registration process 

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • Incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person


Click the link below to register


Sessions are weekdays between

Design thinking classes targets everyone on the bell curve

  • 1 till 3 pm
  • 5 till 8 pm
  • 8 till 11 open house 




Personal Branding Unicorn Workshops Facilitated by 5 X Tedx Speaker Bobby Umar

Personal Branding Workshop Facilitated by 5 X Tedx Speaker Bobby Umar


There are followers, there are leaders, and then there are thought leaders. Thought leadership is a key differentiator between those brands who are driving the conversation forward versus simply engaging in it.
It is a type of content marketing where you invest in the experience, talent and passion within you, your business, from your community, to drive the conversation and answer the biggest questions of your target audience on a particular topic.
Your personal brand is your promise to deliver to every person you come in contact with. It is your reputation, integrity and what your audience expects of you, whether they are your team, your tribe or your customers. Building a strong thought leadership personal brand will set you apart, create more opportunities, and help you stay on top of the innovative trends in your industry. Bobby Umar will share the 3 key aspects of a Thought Leadership
Personal Brand and drill deeper into the what and how on one of the key aspects: content creation and generating new ideas.
This will be a key aspect to building your business. There will also be a Q & A session where you can ask any question around your business and current state.


  • Why invest in your leadership and personal development
  • What is personal branding and why it is important
  • Why thought leadership
  • How to determine your personal brand
  • How to build thought leadership
  • Deeper dive into content creation, idea generation and leveraging LinkedIn

Bobby Umar, CEO of DYPB

Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker, coach, and one of the most prolific advocates of heart-based leadership in North America. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson, Brené Brown and John Maxwell. Bobby is a 5x TEDx speaker, and one of the top social media influencers in the world, with over half a million followers. 

He has been named the "2nd Best Business Coach to Follow" on Twitter and the "4th Best Leadership Influencer" according to Kred. Bobby is an author of three international books, including a #1 Best Seller. He is also a Huffington Post contributor and hosted a weekly tweetchat called “The Power of Connection” that reached over 65 million impressions weekly. To date, his social media influence has garnered over 1 billion impressions. Bobby was also named a "2015 Speaker to Watch” and most recently, he was named a "Top 7 Networking Guru to Follow".

A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Bobby has appeared on hundreds of podcasts, TV and radio shows. With a background in brand marketing (Kraft and Unilever), engineering (Bombardier) and the performing arts (Second City), Bobby has led Raeallan (www.raeallan.com) for over a decade and is now a recognized thought leader in networking, social media and personal branding. He founded the DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand movement (www.dypb.ca), which for five years hosted the largest event

in North America dedicated solely to personal branding, featuring 60 experts and over 300 delegates. 250,000+ people from across the world have experienced Bobby’s high-energy keynotes, interactive team-building activities, and engaging workshops.


Follow DYPB on IG



Follow DYPB on Linked in




  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • The incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person

For more info about our whole program click here

Click the link below to register

Creative Unicorns Strategy Workshop Facilitated By Salomeh Ahmadi

The Unicorn Strategy Workshop May 2020

Course Description

Develop your ability to innovate, think strategically, and gain a competitive advantage for your organization through strategy – placing the right resources in the right direction at the right time.

This course is designed to provide learners how to incorporate better business strategy and strategic thinking and apply essential business management principles to your idea or company. You'll see how planning and taking action over the long term can help realize business goals and objectives given the complex and dynamic context that might be unique to you. You'll examine case studies that cover a wide range of business situations and issues. You'll gain practical and focused strategic-planning thinking, and then explore and integrate functional business activities into the business plan.

You will develop your ability to think strategically, analyze the competitive environment, and recommend positioning and value creation. We will look at the fundamental tools you need to understand strategy: effective internal and stakeholder analysis; environmental analysis, value chain, core competencies, McKinsey's 7S Framework, SWOT-analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, visioning, to name a few

Assess: where are you today?

Alternatives: what might you do / provide?

Choice: what should you do?


  • Design the foundations of a strategic roadmap
  • Identify opportunities to improve your top and bottom line
  • Evaluate how internal and external forces might affect your strategic moves
  • Learn how to better thinking strategically
  • Touch on business growth strategy

About Salomeh Ahmadi

  • With an MBA and a background in the social sector, Salomeh focuses on connecting the parts to the whole in new and empowering ways. She brings experiences working in small and fast-paced organizations, with SMEs, and social entrepreneurs, providing research, strategic and critical thinking to resolve complex issues. A strong facilitator and creative problem solver - she hones in on the gaps while connecting it to the bigger picture.

Visit her website




  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • The incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person

For more info about our whole program click here

Click the link below to register

Toronto Artists Merchandising Strategy 2020

Toronto Artists Merchandising Strategy 2020

All the art featured in our exhibit and podcasts will be on sale in our store
  • I will sell the original artwork (we take 40%)
CUTO branded merchandise
  • 24 Page Photobook $60 
  • Premium T-Shirts at $40 
  • Poster 22 x 48 at $50
  • Art Coasters $20
  • Postcards 6 by 9 at $20 
I will release a page that serves as the shop
Use your time to promote what you're selling
  • I need high-resolution pictures of the work you're selling
  • Most modern phones can shoot photos in 4k
  • YouTube up a tutorial for the best possible shots on your device
  • I'll be in early to test the setup (I will have 3 devices in the room to do different things)
  • You make money from your individual sales 
  • but for the Photobook its a collective 60%

The Melanin Exhibit – Welcome Package for Exhibitors

Welcome. 1

Creative Unicorns of Toronto. 1

About Gallery 1017. 3

Making your payment. 4

Creative Team.. 6



Welcome Creative Unicorns of Toronto

A socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing projects and develops artists into becoming creative entrepreneurs

For more info click the link below



Creation Events

Artists will use one of 4 foundations (including Creation, Installation, Performance and or Exhibition) to animate an immersive event. Telling a fairy tale that takes advantage of social media, participating spaces and the event itself. The name of this tale is Mermaids and Unicorns


For the full event, details about Melanin



For full event, details about 4.20.2020




Click below for event flyer or upload your pictures or videos 




About Gallery 1017

Gallery 1017 is a contemporary art gallery located in the Junction district of Toronto. 

Gallery 1017's mission is to highlight the work of local artists, giving them a platform to learn business development, showcase and monetize their work 

Gallery 1017 is happy to support Toronto art.


  • 1017 Dupont St, Toronto, Ontario

Google map it



Virtual tour






Making your payment

  • Click the link below to make your payment



Your payment secures your table. You have 5 days from this invoice to make your payment before we release your space to the next artist in line

Make your money back

  •   Artist Ticket Sales is a way for Displaying Artists to be profitable before the show even begins! Artists can sell physical tickets (provided by the Event Manager), or direct people to the website where they can purchase Referral Tickets. Any online ticket sales that you referred is money back in your pocket!

Profit share

  • Sell tickets at $20
  • Artists make back 50%
  • Influencers make back 80%
  • The rest goes back to promo and marketing

Surplus goes back to funding projects that help with mental health, homelessness and isolation.

  • Patrons can buy tickets on the website 
  • On the bottom right there is a button to buy tickets


Or they can go directly through the link below

-> https://form.jotform.com/93086128357261  

Merchandising strategy

  • By registering for The Annex Art Party 6, artists and their work will be entered into our photobook. These art pieces will be resold online through our social media channels - TOArtGiftIdeas and CreativeUTO.ca. Individual pieces sold will be split 40/60 towards the artists, in order to assist CreativeUTO with overhead costs


Read about our merchandising strategy below



Special - get us 2 more artists and you get 7 days free


Click below to register



By participating with CreativeUTO and affiliates you agree to

Event liability and abandonment agreement


our user agreement policies




Creative Team


Adrian Currie - Sales Manager

Adrian is an actor and film maker, with a BA in Economics and a BA in History, both from McGill University. He is passionate about cycling in Toronto, and sits on Cycle Toronto's Board of Directors as the current Vice President. As well as shooting commercials and playing parts in local film and television productions, Adrian made a short film a few years ago called 'iRasta'. iRasta is a semi-autobiographical film detailing his adoption of the Rastafari culture and his transformation as a young man with Jamaican roots living in Toronto.

Michael Bole - Creative Director

I'm an artist at heart an Operations Manager at CreativeUTO and Business Developer through my organization FMiMBranding.com. I have over 5 years of experience implementing strategies to improve the results and impact of organizations. These have included improvements in areas such as: customer service, web development, social media, advertising, sales and design

Dr. Shorty Bryenton - Community Manager

Dr. Shorty is a Toronto artist who specializes in cartoons and comics, detailed marker art pieces or paint markers on canvas/longboards, and children’s book illustrations. Dr. Shorty can be found at many Toronto art shows and conventions, including Comic-con and Fan Expo. 

Salomeh Ahmadi - Research

I am currently a copy editor part time, but have an MBA, which requires proficiency in English grammar. I work full time in the nonprofit sector. I have written or edited everything from impact reports, measurement and evaluation reports, and grants (I have successfully secured over $100,000 in grants alone over ten years). Currently I provide copy editing to a professional coach based in Europe. I also have worked with artists extensively, having sat on OAC granting board, taught photography and have networks in the city. 

Join our Creative Team

#TOArtGiftIdeas – We Sell Your Art on our Merchandise. You Profit Share

We Sell Your Art on our Merchandise. You Profit Share

Toronto Art Gift Ideas is an on-going marketing campaign designed to sell art. It is designed to bring awareness to Toronto artists who participate in our exhibits by selling their artwork through CUTO branded merchandise, including photo books, postcards, high-resolution posters, and t-shirts. 





Art Gift Ideas

Merchandise will be sold directly on our website, where patrons can order art through artists’ individual stores or become unicorns through our Patreon account. Unicorns get a box, or any one of the included items, such as postcards, t-shirts, and/or the monthly photobook

Click here to register


How it Works?

  1. Register through the form below
  2. When you submit your art you will get an E-mail verification code
  3. You'll get an invite to an account on Slack
  4. Set up a shop on WordPress
  5. You'll be able to use your account for future events
  6. We notify you of your sales
  7. We payout every month through Paypal


Selection process

  • We will work with a select few artists
  • We will push to publish every art submitted on IG
  • Part of our selection process is based on likes


Royalties for Artists

Once artists supply their art and their interview, we begin working on including them in our next volume. We then schedule their work accordingly for the next iteration of CUTO Art Box. The goal is to keep these boxes as varied as possible in order to maintain the element of surprise for our patrons.


Profit Share Payout

  • 30% : CreativeUTO and Contractors
  • 60% : Artists for Group of Products or Individual Pieces
  • 10% : Strategic Partners




Kaasy - Keywords targeted on Instagram

We will use the research and development from The Annex Art Party 6, and package it into a function called Keyword Adaptive Advertising System (KAASy). This will be used to target keywords on Facebook and Instagram for advertising and canvass anyone who posts these hashtags to build awareness. We will also present options at the end of each video we publish, as well as our blogs on the CreativeUTO.ca website



300 Unicorns - Potluck Meetup

A two-hour event where we share our food and culture, what it means to be creative entrepreneurs, and collaborate on each other's project outlines through a design and thinking process. Artists are welcome and encouraged to participate in our business development programs, such as our Potluck Meetup, which is broadcasted on our podcast. Our Meetup is every Sunday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm and it will be broadcasted live in the TOArtGifIdeas platform.


Develop Influencers

We will use the Meetup to help artists create a project outline to determine their direction, sales strategy, and social media strategy. 

  • All artists who participated in The Annex Art Party are pre-registered
  • Notify us to assign your account
  • Upload your art directly to the website
  • Set up your online store
  • Manage your store on your own time without restrictions
  • Access to 24/7 chat support on Slack



The purpose of this podcast is to help Unicorns develop their projects and raise funding for CUTO Marketplace: a five-day expo that brings together investors, industry professionals, influencers, vendors, artists, coders, and performers to purchase art, workshops, services, and exchange skills and information.

#TAAP6 – CreativeUTO 2019 Mediakit for Sponsorship Opportunities

Help Sponsor an art show


Download our media kit below


About The Annex Art Party

We are looking to collaborate with forward-thinking corporations to create sponsorship opportunities that align with their strategic goals and messages. 
A bit about our organization. We are a socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing creative projects. We support, educate, and develop entrepreneurs, coders, artists, creators, and developers from all walks of life. We drive forward projects through SMARTER collaboration from the foundation up. But most importantly, we build and multiply spaces for creators to come together to combat the all too common and interconnected epidemics of isolation, mental health, and homelessness in the creative community.


We look forward to exploring how your company’s support for our exhibitions and projects (both financially and in-kind) can help engage audiences.

In return we have designed a marketing campaign that will reach over: 

  • 3 million people in the downtown core through a guerrilla marketing strategy
  • Includes a street team (of Unicorns in Unicorn masks) who raises awareness for our organizations
  • By handing out a postcard with envelopes promoting our individual companies
  • A poster campaign that targets the busiest intersections along Bathurst (the street where the event will be)
  • This campaign also includes social media awareness (we will take lots of video and pictures)
  • Reach out to a community of artists on social media and in-person 
  • Collaborating on an art installation for change
  • and be a judge to help vote for the Winter Unicorn Awards at the event
  • Your logos will be represented at the event, all marketing material including social media

Download our media kit below


About The Annex Art Party


Help Wanted – Looking To Add Copywriter & Video Host for Artist of the Week

Who we are?

  • A profit share-based incubator system that helps develop creative entrepreneurs through SMARTER Collaboration

What governs us?

  • Stagnant energy is negative energy
  • Still waters collect bacteria
  • We are Creative thinkers
  • Command a critical intellect
  • Articulate with clarity
  • Find the complex in simplicity
  • Are elevated by ambition
  • Grounded in humility
  • Susceptible to growth
  • Have a strong sense of integrity & honesty
  • While respecting flow & energy

More insight – Who We Are

Click here - to start the registration process


CreativeUTO.ca continues to evolve beyond one place

  • After many tests working with different contractors in the community we have used the feedback from our metrics to redesign our collaborative process. Contracts will be per project, they have been built in to CreativeUTO’s SMARTERai starting with the registration process.


The Annex Art Party and the Artists Social Innovators Expo 2020

The purpose of both events is to get us ready for an art fair in 2020. This project is project is designed to setup in phases

Phase 1

  • 100 artists against Isolation, Mental Health and homelessness
  • The Annex Art Party for August 24th


Phase 2

  • and then again in December 15 two 60 table events.
  • Unicorn Awards (where we tally up the 100 trending artists on CreativeUTO and award artists through several categories for having participated )


  • A portion of the proceeds go towards researching developing for isolation, mental health and homelessness in the creative community


  • The initial contract will be until August 24th
  • you’ll be first in line for the December event.
  • Every role we are looking for helps us reach our goal for 2020


What we are looking for?

  • Someone dependable and reliable
  • Consistency


  • Artist of the week interviews
  • A copywriter to continue our weekly top 5s


  • includes scouting artists
  • Responding to E-mail and social media messages
  • R & D,
  • curating art,
  • editing,
  • publishing
  • and advertising the post on your network


  • We work out of
  • Zoom,
  • Slack
  • Facebook
  • and WordPress


Below is a list of skills from our collective:

  • Concept art, illustration, graphic design, French, networking, Marketing, Business Solutions, Events Management, Workshop Design, Public Speaking, editing, networking, sales, QA, Teaching, Music production, Advertising, Copy editing, copy writing, content creation, illustration, logo design, project management, Focused, organized strategy, marketing, negotiation, entrepreneurship, typography, Training, Mentoring, Profile Writing, Presentations, Business Networking, Branding, Photography, Web Design, SEO, Audio Production & Strategy Consulting, SEO and Strategy Consulting, Class/webinar/workshop creation and facilitation, Basics of SEO, Basics of Google Analytics, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Curation, Creative Networking, Recruiting, Social Media Advertising, Data Analysis, Surveying, Event Planning

Our services are focused on: 

  • Project Management, research & development
  • Branding, logo design & art direction
  • Social Media marketing, advertisement & SEO 
  • WordPress UX web development and maintenance
  • Copy writing, value proposition & sales funnels
  • Customer service, business development, sales & training 



  • Base
  • Project commissions

Next Steps

  • Register below
  • If you fit what we’re looking, we’ll contact you
  • You can also join as an extended contractor
  • We contract extended contractors for upcoming project
  • We have a meeting in person or video
  • We register you on Slack, WordPress
  • We have a weekly editors meetup on video
  • We have a monthly potluck at 720 Bathurst St.


Call To Artists – 100 Toronto Artists Talk: Isolation, Homelessness & Mental Health

100 Toronto Artist Talk Isolation, Mental Health & Homelessness

  • We're looking to ask 100 artists about #isolation, #homelessness, and #mentalhealth in the art community through our #ArtistoftheWeek interviews. The interviews will be published on video, through our network and our marketplace on CreativeUTO alongside your art and links back to your store.
    Our goal is to use the information from the interviews to spread the word, help with research and push for solutions in the creative community

Participate - Click this link to start publishing your interview (publishing is free)

Our goals for 2020

  • Interview + publish 100 artists, coders, creators and developers (in 2020)
  • Publish at least 1 artist interview every 2 to 3 days
  • Present 100 artists for #100artgiftideas #TO by November 2020


The Artists of the Month

  • Artist of the Month is determined by the artist that generates the most volume (volume = sales, shares, comments, views & likes).
  • It ranks your popularity amongst 100s of other CreativeUTO published artists
  • Volume is the name of the currency built in to the CreativeUTO community
  • Volume is rewarded based on activity
  • We use data, metrics, analytics from Google, Facebook, and SMARTERai
  • Artist of the Month receives a free unicorn membership
  • Artist of the Month wins a Unicorn Award for that month

Publishing cycle

Artist of the Week will be announced and published between Monday and Tuesday.

  • All artists are notified of their publish date.
  • We publish 3 posts focused on the #AotW
  • We heavily promote it on Facebook and Instagram by paying for ads and sharing posts manually
  • We use videos and picture ads
  • Artist of the Week gets featured in our weekly art pop-up at CSI Annex (valued $60)
  • 2 month membership with CreativeUTO (valued at $60)
  • Business canvas model workshop, a sales funnel hierarchy (1 hour per class 4 hours) ($160)
  • A free table at the next Annex Art Party ($45 per table)
  • Gets automatically entered in our #100GiftIdeas 2019 edition for the holidays.

Our Network

  • We use our growing network of creative entrepreneurs which includes an E-mail list of 352 users, a Meetup group 500+ coders, a Facebook Group of 236 Unicorns with videos that have over 1,000 views (within a few days) each, and an Instagram page with over 1,700 followers and over 1,000 views in 7 days (as of March 24th 2019).


Between March 5th and April 28th we had a 4,655 post reach on our Facebook fan page, about 155 views per day, up 56% from the previous month they consisted of

  • 52% women
  • 44% men
  • 71% between the ages of 25 and 54
  • 53% between the ages of 25 and 44

The FMiMBranding and CreativeUTO continues to grow daily with our posts consistently ranking on the first Google through our mastery of SEO automation.

Extended Network reach

  • We buy advertisement from social media to extend our reach
  • We use their engines to place your art in front of the people looking for it NOW