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Shop – The Acrylic Paintings of Suyin Wai

"Every artist was first an amateur" - Ralph Waldo Emerson Born in Montreal, Quebec but, now lives in Toronto.

She trained at George Brown College for Graphic Design but ended up slaving away in the cubicle jungle in the financial service industry until she finally escaped.

She began painting 2012 to balance out the cubicle culture that permeates our society. Suyin’s art is mostly abstract influenced by many artists from Egon Schiel to Impressionism and everything in between, including whimsical illustrations (Ralph Steadman is a favourite).

She started with acrylics on wood or canvas but later found that she prefers to use oil pastels and India ink on chalk paint painted either on paper or wood. She still sometimes uses acrylics but, often find mineral or chalk paint preferable.

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Shop – The Paintings of Blaine White

Artist's Statement - I have for many years been interested in and have studied the painting techniques of the old masters. I use this style as a starting point to explore compositions which are not straight imitations of older styles but incorporate contemporary elements as well.

I have used images of baroque statues and architecture and incorporated them into a modern setting.

I have rendered historical figures; some of the prime ministers of Canada, politicians, and other personalities as well as fashion figures.


  • 1998-99 Graphic Design, Academy of Design, Toronto ON
  • 1987-90 Academic Painting, M. John Angel, Toronto ON
  • 1977-80 Bachelor of Arts, University of Guelph, Guelph ON


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Shop – Artist, Creative Director, Graphic Designer Helen Una George


Helen Una George is an Artist and Creative Director, specializing in brand and business development. Helen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design and spent most of her design career focused on corporate branding and marketing, and working on business development projects with high profile companies and individuals. As a freelancer, her design projects range from logo creation to directing full brand ideation and execution with a specialty in working with start-ups and small businesses. As a painter, she experiments with organic forms along with geometric shapes and works primarily in acrylic. Helen’s overall style is known to be minimal, linear and monochromatic, and carries this style throughout her paintings as well as her designs.


What do you do?
I am an Artist, Creative Director and Graphic Designer


Why did you get started?
Art has always been my passion, since I was a child. My mother was also an artist and graphic designer. Much of my education is centered around design, and after working in the corporate world for much of my career, I quit and am now pursuing art and design full time.


What are you working on right now?
I am working on a painting as part of my 'Cube' series, as well as several client gigs.


Describe your creative process?
I have 3 Phases, and these phases are carried through each and every project I take on. Phase I: Conceptualize Phase II: Develop Phase II: Execute


Who is your art for? Why is it important?
Very cliche; however I absolutely love making the world prettier. My art is for that, and for myself.


If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? *
Go with your gut!


What are your views on homelessness, mental health in the arts community?
Homelessness: A very important issue in my books. For Christmas, we gathered three families and drop off care packages to the homeless downtown. The packages were snacks, Tim Horton's cards, sock, winter gear and a towel, assembled in backpacks. We skipped gift-giving to fund this initiative. Mental Health: Another important issues. I suffer from a mental disorder and my art is my therapy (supplementing my REAL therapy). In light of CAMH's current campaign, I started a virtual online auction called Our One Brave Night (www.ouronebravenight.com). Arts Community: I am mind-blown by the support between artists, creatives, and clients in the arts community. It is awesome to come across platforms such as this!


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