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Join – Volunteer at BIG on Bloor: Bloordale. Arts. Culture

BIG on Bloor Festival, a summer arts and culture festival that happens on July 20th in Bloordale, is looking for volunteers! Please share the below posting with anyone you know who may be interested. Volunteers 13+ are accepted, with volunteer hours given to high school students, and no experience is required. Feel free to email me with any questions. 
Join us as a volunteer at BIG on Bloor: Bloordale. Arts. Culture
(http://www.bigonbloorfestival.com/) on July 20th! This summer festival happens along a car-free stretch of Bloor Street West between Dufferin and Lansdowne to celebrate local arts, culture and community, and has drawn up to 100,000 people. We rely on the help of volunteers for the festival's success!
 Volunteers help with a variety of roles, from set-up and take-down of vendor spaces and creative installations, to helping visitors navigate the festival, to running the information booths. This year our volunteers will also play the exciting and important role of helping bring to life our goal of having a zero-waste festival. Volunteer shifts are five hours each, with breaks for food and refreshments. This is a great opportunity to gain volunteers hours, meet awesome people, and make an impact. 
Sign-up here: http://www.bigonbloorfestival.com/sign-up/



Toronto RISE Project

Blog – Artists Incubation Process

About us

  • Free Minds in Motion is a social think tank that builds communities of creative unicorns who leverage their business development skills to work on projects that enrich communities.

SMARTER is Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm

  • We are Free Minds Motion. We are masters of the SCRUM. We use an Agile based project management philosophy that allows us to coordinate multiple projects with multiple teams, their marketing needs & different setups

Design Philosophy

  • A tree grows its roots as deep as it needs to be tall. We develop projects from the foundation up to become practical, easy to operate, and help you articulate the benefits of a client’s idea to your customer

What governs us?

  • We consist of creative thinkers who command a critical intellect, articulate with clarity, find the complex in simplicity, are elevated by ambition, grounded in humility, susceptible to growth, have a strong sense of integrity & honesty, while respecting flow & energy.


  • We share a knowledge, leverage each other's resources and expertise to work on each other's project as well as client projects


  • Build social think tanks
  • Develop creative thinkers in to business developers
  • Create projects that add wealth and enrich communities in Toronto.


  • To become an incubator space focused on managing, developing, or investing in art, artists and their community projects and help them mature in to self-sustainable businesses



Artist Incubation process

Artists no longer buy tables. Artists buy an incubation process based on the term they purchase.

  • Artists still buying regular tables pay for the Paper plan at $40
  • The process can include workshops provided by community members with proven track records.
  • Business development services provided by The Social Think Tank and 3rd associates,
  • and events such as TAAP and the Artists and Social Innovation Expo where they get to test the results of the incubation process.
Plan name Paper Blue Yellow Black
Term 2 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Quarterly Bi Annual Annual
Recurring fee $20 $18.33 $14.16 $12.08
Startup fee $40 $55 $85 $145
Perks 1 Workshop 3 Workshop All Workshops All Workshops
      Basic Marketing or business development outline that covers you for 1 year Basic Marketing or business development outline that covers you for 1 year
  1 event 1 event 2 events 4 events


  • Artists set up their own account on FMiMBranding


  • Artists get ongoing updates on future TAAP events and development
  • Artists get 1s access to early bird tickets
  • Exclusive service at FMiMBranding and 3rd party affiliates
  • All members account maintains themselves and withdraw money using PayPal
  • All artists are advertised on the TAAP page
  • Artists can be directly hired for projects, jobs by outside parties
  • All artists can post in TAAP affiliated channels
  • Access to other artists and members of the Think Tank
  • Access ability to participate and share in profit for ongoing project
  • Artists get access to 1 event per quarter
  • 1 workshop per month
  • Discounted FMiMBranding services



Business Dev Services

  • Free Minds in Motion is a social think tank that’ll offer service based on the members of the social think tank, their skill level, and their availability
Web Development Web Development
 48% of the world’s population uses the internet, that’s about 3.2 billion people who can visit your website. We develop dynamic websites in to a user interface that improves and maximizes user experience by serving within 2 clicks.
Fee $335    
Business Development Customer Relations Management
We map out your sales strategy from the moment a client receives one of your advertisement (online, business card, email) up to 3 years after they’ve purchased your products.
Sales Funnel Optimization
 We Reverse engineer any targeted revenue and provide you with a detailed outline that will help you execute on how to execute
Social Media hierarchy
We map out a social media strategy for you to build a community by telling your organization’s story.
Fee $335 $335 $335
Marketing Project Paper trail
We distribute 1,000 postcards sized flyers inside an elegant envelope through community outreach and only to pre-qualified customers starting at $99
Social Media hierarchy
We map out a social media strategy for you to build a community by telling your organization’s story.
Search Engine Optimization
We use years of proven search engine techniques to make your website visible on more local Google searches
Fee $335 $335 $335
Support Critical updates & Support
We monitor, tweak and or provide your project critical updates - sometimes bringing it back to stage 2 and 3 for the next 90 days. We provide you with extensive access to resources including, Slack, workshops, tutorials, event invites, downloads to help you maintain. We support all our clients up to 3 months after the project is finished
Fee $335    





Name The Gig Economy 2017 Know Thyself Workshop Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds
Description Building the gig economy through design thinking. You will have designed the gig economy with a group of creative thinkers by the end of this workshop You will have an outline of a project that aligns with your passion by the end of this workshop You will have learned how to pitch any company in 30 seconds by using these 4 Ws by the end of the workshops
Class Size 6 to 7 students 6 to 7 students 6 to 7 students
Tickets $45 $45 $45
Potential value $315 $315 $315



Event name The Annex Art Party The Social Innovation Arts Expo
Description ·         The Annex Art Party is a quarterly pop-up marketplace hosted at CSIAnnex. #TAAP is positive vibes, a creative community, and emerging artist of Toronto vibing through a series of beautifully choreographed events that includes vendors, art, mixing, mingling, live art, performances, dance, music, food, and beverages.
·         An annual art and innovator expo



Event name August 24th Oct 31st Dec
The Annex Art Party TAAP2 TAAP3 TAAP4
Artists and Innovator Expo      
Arts Gallery/Incubator space     Open an arts gallery/coffee shop


Feb/March May/June July/aug Oct 31st Dec
        ASIx 2018
Open an arts gallery/coffee shop        


Video – The 1st Annex Art Party Event Logistics

The first quarterly Annex Art Party takes place at the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) and its geared towards incubating emerging artists in Toronto. The event currently features vendor spaces animated by the likes of painters, artists, stylists, tinkerers, movie makers, and jewelers.
Event flow
The Annex Art Party is a beautifully choreographed series of events featuring artwork, street performers, music, business development workshops, as well as info on how to get microloans to kickstart your project.
Food and drinks
You can eat Desi food or West Indian food, chocolate desserts, or buy drinks at the bar.
CSI's licensed cafe will be open.
Artist, join our Facebook community group
Date change + vision
With the addition of new staff and a more refined vision, we will need more time to choreograph and deliver.
For event details
Our goal is to raise enough funding for art, artists, and their projects in Toronto and around the world.
We are working with African artist Sanama so he can finish his comic, "Looking for Molly". We want to help his community by opening or starting an art incubator space (or a program) in Yaoundé, Africa.
You can view his profile page on FMiMBranding
Vendor spaces still available. Please sign up here:
#TAAP #CSIAnnex #CreativeUnicorns #TheAnnex #TorontoArtists #TorontoArt #Art #CreativeUTO

RnD – The Social Enterprise Spring Pop Up on 420

The 4th SocEntPopUp will be on Thursday April 20th.  Hosted inside the garage at the beautifully restored CSI Annex.
Our Vision

  • Provide a quarterly platform that fosters a community of knowledge, activists, social entrepreneurs, artists, working professionals, & change makers who exchange, food, knowledge, art, ideas, their products, services, creations amongst themselves & social consumers of Toronto


  • We went through a learning curve through 2016 only fully hitting our mark with the 3rd SocEntPopUp, taking everything we learned full circle with the 4th The 4th SocEntPopUp will be split in to sections, health and wellness, clothing, arts and crafts, food and will be designed to give event goers a full experience where they can enjoy something to eat, artwork, workshops,

Event categories

  • Health Wellness
  • Arts & Craft
  • Social Services

Inside CSI Annex

  • CSI Annex is located at 720 Bathurst St, in a five-story, beautifully restored brick & beam building packed with innovators. Each of the coworking floors has its own unique vibe, and you can kick back in the lounge with a snack from our locally-sourced CSI Café. Click here to Google Map the location or here for more info on CSI Annex

Timeless User Experience

  • The Holiday SocEntPopUp is less about selling you a table and more about working together to provide a timeless user experience

Collaborative Marketing

  • Designed for us to collaborate with you on how to best tap in to our networks and reconnect with current and past clients. Be 1 of the 20 participants who are generating buzz about this one magical day during the shopping season on December 3rd

The 3rd SocEntPopUp was advertised on Facebook and this is how many people we reached 4,774 people

·         96% women
·         92% women responses were women
Ages Reached Responded
18-24 26% 19%
25-34 40%
35-44 19% 22%



  • $480.25 to book The Garage for 4 hours
  • $65.54 for 1000 flyers
  • $100 for Facebook Advertisement
  • $645 is total cost of the event


  • $32.77 is the lowest we can go for tickets

Early bird tickets

  • $35 early bird tickets
  • 10 tables available for early birds
  • Brings back $350

45 per table

  • Brings in $13 per table in profits
  • 10 tables sold at 45 brings in $130
  • 20 tables sold at 45 brings in $260

2-day event

  • A two-day event sold at $45 brings in $520
  • A 2-day event gives us more profit while needing to pay for advertisement once

The Social Innovation Expo

  • The vision is to set up two events per year as oppose to 4 events. One during the boxing day season, and the other in the beginning of summer.
  • The goal is to set this up by 2018
  • Below is a estimated break down of the event budget

3 Day event

  • 300 tables per day
  • 900 tables sold in 3 days
  • Average sales price $75 per table
  • Revenue 67,500 on tables before we open doors

5-day event

  • $112,500 in revenue
  • Doesn’t factor in event sponsors

2 events per year

  • $225,000 on tables sold

Estimated event cost

  • $3,000 with most money going to rent

Event schedule
February 14th 2017

  • Launch marketing
  • We will relaunch the marketing on the website
  • Launch marketing on social media

March 31st

  • Early bird tickets end
  • Flyer advertisement starts April 1st

April 11th

  • Facebook Ad starts
  • All payments are due April 11th

April 15th

  • Media day – We meet up to discuss setup, logistics, possibly take pictures for the final push of the of the social media advertising campaign.

April 20th

  • I set up on a table at 11am
  • We start recording for Facebook live
  • Vendors can start trickling in
  • Event starts at 1pm


RnD – The Social Enterprise Pop Up – Spring Marketplace

The 4th Social Enterprise Pop Up has been scheduled for Thursday April 20th 2017. And I’m extending an Earlier Bird invite to you
It will be held at the same location CSI Annex at 720 Bathurst, however it’ll be confined inside the Garage with a larger set up. It'll be between the prime-time hours of 1pm and 4pm. And below are all the fixes in place to make it better.
Feel free to send me feedback.
The Holiday Pop Up saw 20+ organizations register with 17 setting up. Marketing per Facebook went out to 4,774 people (for the record, Facebook had stopped the marketing and I didn’t realize until a few days before event)

  • 96% of these were women,
  • 92% who responded to the event were women,
  • 41% of those who responded were between the ages of 25 – 34,
  • 26% were between 18 – 24
  • and the rest (19%) were between 35 - 44

Slight name adjustment

  • There has been a slight change to the name so we can create one definitive logo for the event
    • Social Enterprise Pop Up -
      Spring Marketplace at CSI Annex
      on 04.20.17 starting at 1PM
  • I'm focused on developing my own social enterprise and will no longer be mentally stretched thin like last time.
  • The original event wasn't fully integrated in to FMiMBranding.com, so I will NOT be facing the nightmare I was going through before, having to be back and forth to fish information. This also means 1 single sign up will take care of you for future events.
  • I'm working on putting together a think tank around the event to help with event management, marketing, creative direction
  • I will be booking office space at the Annex for the month of April, just because it makes better financial sense and am open to splitting costs.
  • All events will be organized at CSIAnnex from now on with the follow up circled for July 20th
  • Event will be based on 4 pillars, Arts Craft Food Clothing with each section having a host.
  • A hybrid version of this was done with Montina Hussey, Abeda Oturkar and Hannah Towle who went above and beyond by providing content.
  • Hosting organizations participate in profit share and right now we're looking for someone to fill up the crafts section.
  • 2000 flyer advertising schedule has been tightened down to start with a kick off campaign April 1st and will solely be focus on the Annex area
  • Professional photographer/videographer will be in place (I’m so sorry I refuse to release the pics I have now, they aren’t Pixar level quality)
  • The $30 Earlier bird registrations start now and will be open to organizations who have participated in the past. (price is higher to help offset marketing costs)
  • The event opens to other vendors January 31st at regular price $45

How to apply

Free Minds in Motion
215 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, ON M5T 2C7