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#TAAP6 – Mediakit 19/20 + Sponsorship Opportunities: Art Projects in the Creative Community

#TAAP6 - Mediakit 19/20 + Sponsorship Opportunities: Art Projects in the Creative Community

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A bit about our organization. We are a socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing creative projects. We support, educate, and develop entrepreneurs, coders, artists, creators, and developers from all walks of life. We drive forward projects through SMARTER collaboration from the foundation up. But most importantly, we build and multiply spaces for creators to come together to combat the all too common and interconnected epidemics of isolation, mental health, and homelessness in the creative community

Sponsorship opportunities

Designed to create collaborative projects with forward-thinking organizations to create sponsorship opportunities that align with their strategic goals & messages.

Targeted Marketing Strategy

We work together to place their product in front of the people looking for it through our network, podcasts, street-level marketing campaigns, art installations, and our art shows.

K A A Sy

Keyword Adaptive Advertising System lets customers choose keywords for us to target based on the demographics that visit our network. It is based on Google analytics so I know what my traffic is interested in but it helps by letting me know who to advertise too.

Creative Network

It is designed to sell sponsorships based on our combined network and distribute the profit share while funding projects

#TAAP6 - Mediakit 19/20 + Sponsorship Opportunities: Art Projects in the Creative Community

For info:


Shop – The Acrylic Paintings of Meighan West Explore Self & Feminism

The Acrylic Paintings of Meighan West Explore Self & Feminism

Who are you?

Meighan West. I am a woman trying to explore feminism and myself through the wonderful expression of painting.


What do you do?

Acrylic on canvas


Why did you get started?

I've painted since I was a little girl. It's how I express my curiosities.


Tell us about the 1st time you knew what you were doing was the way you wanted to approach your art.

I had a vision of my mural and when I finished that labor of love and pain I realized I needed to keep exploring feminism through this medium using the raw female form.


What are you working on right now?

A collection of varied female nudes, each pose expressing a different emotion. It's called "read my tits". So often women say read my lips because men are just looking at their bodies, with this I'm hoping people can understand what these women are saying just by looking at their bodies.


Describe your creative process.

I often get inspired by an image in my head that comes from whatever I'm experiencing either through my daily life, what I'm reading at the time or what I'm learning about.


Who is your art for? Why is it important?

My art is for feminists (male or female) who want to feel the expression of women


What is the hardest part about being an artist?

Finding your confidence. Every artist is different and can be considered "better", you have to believe that what you're producing is worth sharing.


If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be and why?

You are an artist. It is worth something. As a child art was connected to my mother and I had a very strained relationship with her so I didn't see the value in being an artist. I hid from it for a long time to distance myself from her. I should have embraced my art and lived in it, through it, as I do now.


Why is art and creativity important for the community at large?

It brings beauty and self-expression to everyone. Even those who don't feel they can express themselves in artistic ways can feel connected and represented through other peoples art.



Have you had to deal with isolation, mental illness, and/or homelessness? What did you learn from your experience?

I have self-isolated. I grew up with a traumatized mother which made me feel like I couldn't connect with people because no one would understand me. I went through therapy and worked through a lot of my childhood issues which allowed me to let in the incredible people in my life and find ways to accept love and happiness. It's a long, maybe never-ending process but it's worth it be able to fully experience the beauty in your life.

#TAAP6 – Ray Art, Zoe Bu & Art in the AM. Toronto Artists Win Unicorn Awards

Toronto Artists Win Unicorn Awards

Hello, world!

The Unicorn Awards were introduced for #TAAP5 as a way for peers, industry insiders, and the CUTO Creative team to recognize and vote for those who have a positive influence on our creative community.

The categories included best dressed (cosplay is encouraged), best setup, and best live painter.

Click here – to see The Unicorn Awards 2018



All Year Round

The goal is to expand the integration of the Unicorn Awards beyond just the event heading into #TAAP6. We want to award unicorns who interact with us through social media, projects, and through our event.

This year we'll be handing out numerous awards. There will be some returning from the previous events as well as some new ones.

Click here - for more info about #TAAP6


Unicorn of the Month

One of those new awards is Unicorn of the Month.

Unicorn of the Month is based on the interviews we publish on CUTO Marketplace. It is designed to highlight trending artists. Trending on CUTO is based on accumulated volume (Volume = Page views, sales, shares, likes, and comments).


Unicorn of the Month

Below is a list of all our trending artists between June and April 2019.

June – The Passionate Art of Ray



June starts with the Passionate Art of Ray, who has been one of the most visited artists in our marketplace since he was published.

Another popular artist is the bold and vibrant Alex Leon.

The interdimensional art of Cynthia Van Leeuwen rounds off the top 3,

immediately followed by creative directors Helena Una George

and The multidisciplinary art of Gail Braith.

In June,

Creative Entrepreneurs also used resources to

analyze a business opportunity,

how to network online and offline,

and 10 places to submit art


May -- The Intuitive Fluid Abstract Paintings of Tokoroii


The abstract painting journal of Tokoroii had the most volume in May. Zoe Bu identifies as a gender-fluid, pan-romantic demisexual and gives us one of the most insightful interviews in our marketplace.

Raymond Art,

Helen Una George,

and Art in the AM roundup May with the most volume for that month.

In May Unicorns also brushed up on their skills in our articles like:

9 best supply stores,

5 success principals,

5 rehearsal spaces,

social media advice,

and how to create murals in Toronto.


April - Art in the AM wins April


Art in the AM was published last year on August 23rd and has remained a popular artist ever since; she wins her Unicorn Award this year!

April 2019 is rounded up by creative director Helen Una George,

Ray Art,

Cynthia Van Leeuwen,

and Desire Betty who was also published last year.

In April, creative entrepreneurs also read up on

success principles for artists,

supply stores

and rehearsal spaces in Toronto,

social media advice,

and a service provide by Paula Cowan; the 80/20 rule of job searching.


Call to Artists – 60 Spaces Available for #TAAP6 (Phase 1)

TAAP6 - The Annex Art Party

A holiday pop up market for up to 60 vendors that features positive vibes for a creative community; emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.


#TAAP6 #CreativeUTO #Curatoronthego #CUTO  #TOArtistsTalkSolutions #ArtistsGiftIdeas

Register online: Step 1

  • Vendors register tables for free
  • Early bird tables are $145 without wall space
  • Early bird payments are due August 1st
  • Returning artist E-mail us and we'll update your info
  • Here is the registration link for this form
  • Scroll down for more info


Contemporary Extravaganza

is a display of contemporary art made by Canadian artists who work in diverse and unexpected contexts and whose artworks reveal highly personal and authentic forms of expression. Our aim is to introduce these artworks to a wide audience and to expand our understanding of what can be accepted as contemporary art.


  • Saturday, December 7, 2019 12 pm – 9 pm,


  • Center for Social Innovation – 720 Bathurst Street




The Unicorn Awards 2019

Introducing The Winter Unicorn Awards a follow up of The Unicorn Awards during #TAAP5.

Voting will start on November 16t through CUTO Marketplace, Facebook group and IG Pages. Voting will continue throughout the event through ballots as well as on the @CreativeUTO IG page for most hearts and or comments (let's call it volume).

  • Voting for Unicorn Awards starts November 16th
  • Voting on the floor starts as soon as doors open
  • Event goers and Judges walk around with ballots
  • Votes are counted and revealed at 6 p.m.
  • The awards will be presented to artists starting at 6:00 p.m.


Golden Unicorns

  • Artists who get the most votes get golden unicorns
  • Runner ups get silver unicorns


3 step registration process


Step 1


Step 2

  • Secure your table with through PayPal
  • PayPal takes debit cards
  • Limited space available based on 1st pay 1st serve
  • Early bird tables are due August 1st


$145 for a 2 by 3 feet table - without wall space 


$160 for a 2 by 3 with 9 feet tall wall space (12 to 20 spaces available )

  • Limited wall spaces available
  • Wall space is about 3 feet (length of your table)
  • 9 feet high (the space behind your table
  • Must bring in painter's tape to or wires to hang up your art


Note - Early bird deposits are due on August 1st


Step 3

 Feel free to send messages through chat (on your right) It's tied to our Facebook fanpage

Blog – We Evolve Beyond One Place

“You're a nobody in this business until you've told someone you can't pay them.”

I was next to my executive director Shannon Cummings at the time, working the Free Geek Toronto table, helping to sell the brand at CSI Annex. “We recycle electronic waste and refurbish the computers back into the community at affordable prices.” A lot of people saw Shannon that day, but she stood out to me. She had an epic scarf on, fiery curls--eye of the storm kind of thing. Through the body’s languages in our vicinity I recognized right away that this person was important.

We Evolve Beyond One Place

I had worked on projects, but they all had failed. I remember that summer vividly; I was all caught up in my woes (going through the 6 with my woes just dropped and that was literally my soundtrack for that year.

That's when I met Shannon at the Public Library at the Waterfront.

How did I get here?

What I have learned about life is that the philosophy of the caterpillar is a constant evolution of self. That life goes in circles and the calendar is a recording of those circles. Years break down to months, months turn to weeks, then weeks to days, and eventually life becomes seconds. Seconds are fleeting. By the time we become aware of the seconds, another cycle has already started.

And that's life: a caterpillar in a constant state of turning in to a butterfly. That's what success is. Success, often times will present itself in the form of chaos. Recognizing the chaos before it overwhelms us makes us the eye of the storm.

Insight – The Abyss of Failing Someone

A Poetry Ago

My journey starts back at Central Tech high school when a teacher would tell me to go across the street to the church. She loved my poetry. Happy-go-lucky at the time, I was throwing parties and selling t-shirts in stores; I'd call it SannaJinn Clothing company - Freedom and versatility of the open mind. We were high school kids barely out of middle school, learning business tactics when brick-sized beepers were still cool.

Eventually those projects would fall through, losses were deep, lessons were painful, and I am not even discussing life itself and the heartbreaks it brings in. Eventually I found myself burned out and looking for answers.

Free Geek Toronto in December

Answers came in the form of people; a friend of mine told me I should stop separating the jobs I take on from entrepreneurship and start doing business development for startups. He told me that I have enough sales experiences from having worked on these projects and jobs. A couple of months later I met Shannon, the executive director at Free Geek Toronto at the time.

By October, November I became the business development manager at Free Geek Toronto and by December we were at a show hosted at CSI Annex. It all happened quickly.

Always A Padewan

Some of the most memorable aspects of that job were in the morning meetings where we’d discuss our goals, our day-to-day struggles, her as a lesbian and me as a black man. We’d discuss leadership, business, and then start our day.

Working at Free Geek Toronto was like working the starship enterprise; we were a social enterprise on the frontier of E Waste trying to solve this trillion-dollar problem that’s threatening our planet on multiple fronts. Every day was a new adventure, every day our money was running out and every day we’d wake up and come to work, sometimes 16 hour shifts.

“You're a nobody in this business until you've told your staff you can't pay them”.

 That line was enough to convince me to join CSI because it showed me that Tonya is a human being who’s gone through the gauntlet but stayed strong enough to light up the room.  

Insight - Something Amazing Happened at #TAAP4

Never-Ending Jazz

Jazz, that's what I would call this place if you told me to summarize it down to 1 word.

An ever-changing mosaic of entrepreneurs making up different songs through the day. Every 2 hours the building hits a crescendo and DECAS must mobilize. I usually sit on the 3rd floor when the sun sets, to meditate through my thoughts, my dreams, and my nightmares while I convert the energy into the projects I work on. The next day the sun would set again.

We evolve beyond one place

Shannon alongside a myriad of things came together and made me understand failure; I don't fear failure anymore because that’s what life is: a caterpillar in a constant state of turning in to a butterfly

It made me understand that a plan and foundation are important, but execution is equally important and that failure is part of the game. Sometimes success requires throwing a calculated assumption to gauge how reality will react to it, and then making adjustments.

Business is 75% course correction a constant cycle of molding us into the next version of ourselves, the butterfly. 



Al Runt to Help Award Unicorns for The Annex Art Party

Have you gone to Al Runt's 3D Show?

It's a wonderful display of color that fully immerses you into the mind of artist Alex Currie. Over the years I've always seen Al's work downtown around Kensington Market, but it wasn't until I walked into Hashtag Gallery for a show that I understood the exorbitant amount of detail that goes into his
art.The artist doesn't just create, it’s like creation is driving him, it is him. His world is one full of hugable monsters with emotions, some angry, others happy, but all with charm, just living their lives.

Every time I blinked I caught new details, further expanding on or completely changing the narrative I’m building for them in my head, a real-life Alice in Wonderland.

Al Runt doesn't just create murals, he breathes universes into existence. He’s created some of the most iconic murals of the city, including one at Lee's Palace. It is my pleasure to announce that Al will be at The Annex Art Party this year to help us award Unicorns for The Artist of the Summer.


About Alex Currie

Alex Currie, better known by his artistic moniker RUNT or Al Runt, began his art career in Toronto’s underground scene in the early ’80s, drawing posters to hang around the Cameron House and eventually landing the gig to paint the now-iconic mural outside Lee’s Palace. He and his army of neon monsters and rascally creatures amassed a devoted following among musicians and other artists, as the Lee’s mural made the venue one of the city’s most recognizable buildings.

Visit Al Runt's website here



Register - for The Annex Art Party

more info about The Annex Art Party and The Unicorn Awards


Publish your work Artist of the week

Good Foot Delivery’s Ari Margolis To Help Award Unicorns #TAAP5

What is wealth?

Every night after he finishes working for Good Foot Delivery, Ari dedicates time to making sure the Annex is turned over for the morning. Sometimes he doesn’t leave until 2am, but instead stays behind changing garbages, cleaning floors, wiping counters, finding dishes, and moving chairs.

It took me some time to get used to it. At first I hated the noise late at night, but then I came to appreciate it. I learned a valuable lesson.

That is wealth.

Not the money we have, but our actions, and whether or not they give back. You can tell by the way the world greets him with love that his actions do.

In rain, snow, or the middle of summer, Ari turns the Annex over; it doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t matter the mood. No excuses, he just does it and he doesn’t ask anything for it. That’s the reflection of a rich person and infinite thanks he receives is his wealth, it's what makes him rich.

It’s my pleasure to announce that he will be one of the industry insiders at The Annex Art Party on Saturday August 25th at CSI Annex


My name is Ari Margolis. I work for Good Foot Delivery in a few different roles. I work as a Courier, I Train New Courier, I Dispatch Courier on Delivery and Do a bit a Sales. Good Foot Delivery is a same delivery service that employ people with Devopmental Disabilities to deliver packages in the Toronto area using Public. Transit. I have been with Good Foot Delivery for about 6 and half years or so and I have never enjoyed a job so much. We got back in employing people with Devopmental Disabilities in the last year or so. but before that we were employing people with Multiple Disabilities. I am visually impaired and have a learning disability. I believe the reason for hiring people with Developmental Disabilities is because we have long waiting list to get in with us and keeps growing. For more info about Good Foot Delivery pleased go to www.goodfootdelivery.com .
I Know Michael Bole’ from Center for Social Innovation Bathurst location. Good Foot Delivery is based out 720 Bathurst Street in Toronto location. Michael Bole also works out of the Center for Social Innovation Bathurst location. He is running the Annex Art Show and does a great job at it. The Center Social Innovation is a Communal work space. Where everyone is doing a Social Good of some kind. For more info on Center for Social Innovation.
Please go to www.socailinnoavtion.org
I was asked by Michael BoIe’ to be Judge at The Annex Art Show on Aug 25 2018. I am going to be one of Judges Judging the Table Displays. This something I have never done before. I am looking forward to it. I feel honored to be asked by Michael Bole’ to be a Judge at The Annex Art Party./


Register - for The Annex Art Party

more info - about The Annex Art Party and The Unicorn Awards


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#TAAP5 – The Annex Art Party: Unicorn Awards Event Outline

  • Vendors - The deadline to register and buy your space is on August 22th, 2018.

Vendors click through to register your table


Patrons the 1st 50 get food and wine


The Annex Art Party

Creative community + positive vibes

  • The Annex Art Party is an event featuring positive vibes for a creative community; emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.

The theme for TAAP5 is Find Your Sunshine

Event dates

  • The deadline to register and buy your space is on August 22nd, 2018.
  • The event will be hosted on Saturday, August 25th.

Event schedule

  • Setup starts at 1 p.m. For vendors
  • doors open to the public at 2:30 p.m.

Wine, Cheese & Soul Food

  • First 50 event goers get a free meal and beer at the bar.

Performers start

  • Performances start at 2:30 p.m.

Unicorn Awards

I'm introducing award show for #TAAP5 #FindYrSunshine – Voting will be done at the event through ballots as well as on the @CreativeUTO IG page for most hearts and or comments (let's call it volume).

  • Voting for Unicorn Awards starts at 3 p.m. on IG
  • Voting on the floor starts at 2:30 p.m.
  • Eventgoers and Judges walk around with ballots of artists to visit
  • Votes are counted and revealed at 6 p.m.
  • The awards will be presented to artists starting at 6:00 p.m.

Golden Unicorns

  • Artists who get the most votes get golden unicorns
  • Runner ups get silver unicorns

The categories will be

Live painting of the summer – You have 6 hours to capture the philosophy of the event, which is #FindYrSunshine
Best art installation - focusing on the best table presentation Strongly encouraging artist to start thinking beyond a table and set up art installations?
Art of the Summer - Focusing on a single piece of work that captures and defines the philosophy of the event with an award/certificate presented to the artist.
Emerging Artist of 2018 - Is awarded to an artist who has never featured at a TAAP event before with the most volume
Cosplayer of the summer - We encourage artist and patrons alike to be creative and dress free. Come in as a work of art and get the most volume and win.
Tinkerer of the Summer – Are you in to arts and craft? Jewelry? Enamel pins? Steampunk? The artist with the most volume on IG gets Tinkerer of the Summer
Curator of the Summer – Art curators are welcome, this includes collectors, galleries, or if you have your own collection. Curator with the most volume wins
Performer of the Summer – Videos of our performers will be uploaded on IG, and the performer with the most volume wins

Note: All votes are separated in to 3 categories,

  • The vote their top 3 most memorable artists (each category)
  • event vote top 3, gives up to 3 points
  • Instagram comment gets 2 points
  • and 1 heart gets 1 point.


  • Judges award their own set of points to artists
  • Will include industry insiders, art collectors, and art experts
  • The panel of judges will award the judges favorites, at 5pm
  • as well as with Unicorn Plaques

#TAAP5 – Maurice Tan Art 3rd Judge Added to Unicorn Awards

Born in 1982, Maurice Tan is a self-taught abstract artist living in Toronto. He works with acrylic paint and mediums. His focus is on abstract paintings, as well as semi-abstract figurative and portrait paintings. For his abstract work, colors, layering, and texture are the main focal points. The themes of his abstract paintings include city life and nature. The way colors and texture blend harmoniously in nature is something that really inspires him. His city paintings show interesting colors and texture around Toronto, including the rustic look of old buildings in the downtown area. He finds inspiration while observing city life at dusk, when colors, light, and movement are at their peak. A surreal and dream like presentation can be found in Maurice's figurative and portrait work. Figures and faces are generally distorted. The distortions range from mild to extreme. He conveys different human emotions through distorted facial expressions. The focus is on the eyes in the majority of Maurice's portrait paintings. To the viewer, it presents the emotion and personality of each character. Maurice's work can be found in several galleries around Toronto as well as in private collections in Canada, U.S. India, and the U.K.

What do you do? 
Semi-abstract portraits and figurative work, as well as modern abstract paintings

What are you working on right now? 
A new series of portrait paintings

Why did you get started?
I started doing my art because it's the best way for me to express my emotions and thoughts from my mind. I've always been fascinated with the way we are able to transfer things from our minds onto the canvas.

Describe your creative process?
My creative process begins with basic colors, patterns, and/or textures as background. The main subject, is then painted in a way that comes naturally for me. I avoid accuracy and focus on the subject as a whole. Imperfections or accidental smudges for example, are fine with me, as imperfections will be found through out the painting. When viewed as a whole, everything comes together despite lack of accuracy. That smudge on the painting? It happened as I was creating it, so I tend to leave it. I don't like to spend too much time on any one area in the painting as I prefer to keep a steady flow from beginning to end, and I like my work to have somewhat of a dirty look. I stop when I feel the painting is complete. I usually know this because eventually I reach a point where I can't think of anything else to add to the painting.

Who is your art for? 
My art is for anyone who is looking for an alternative to what is considered beautiful art in a traditional sense. It is important because it's raw, without any filters placed on top. It's my feelings that I've translated onto canvas without doing anything extra to lighten the mood.

If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? 
I would tell my younger self to begin working on my art asap. My only regret is starting my art late, at the age of 32. It makes me wonder where my style and techniques would be today, if I had started when I was a teenager.

What are your views on homelessness, mental health in the arts community?

I think it's very important to have more attention focused on homelessness and mental health in the arts community. It has been shown that art is very therapeutic for everyone, including those suffering from mental illness. There are many talented artists who happen to be homeless. Despite being homeless, they continue to create. Therefore, I believe that more shelters together with education would be very beneficial in helping the homeless.

What is your Instagram (or Portfolio) Url? 


More info on The Annex Art Party

Vendors - Click for more info about the Annex Art Party

RSVP-  For The Annex Art Party on Facebook

Shop – The Drawings & Paintings of Gloria Guan

What do you do?
Drawing and painting oriented artist

Describe your creative process
Welcoming all kinds of experimental and boundary breaking formats of art.

What are you working on right now?
Body and consciousness braided into narratives that is often the centre of my project, the challenge in just portraying human is already a never-ending subject. Yet with the addition of the environment and time, I could tackle much more subjects that I normally do not have the courage to question.

Why did you get started?
It has always been my passion to observe human interaction, especially growing up in different countries. Moreover, the elderly figures that I have met along my path of growth showed the world of wonder and cruelness in their pieces of advices, and little stories which they heard from a “bird”.

Who is your art for?
I would say my art is more like stories for the viewers who wants to take time to read, and relate. I enjoy embedding details into my work even it sparks only a giggle out of someone, any response is important just as someone who is reading a comic book. And the process of asking questions of many why is what I find important not only for me, but everything. In conclusion, my art is for curious minds.

Where can we see more of your work


For Artists

Register - for The Annex Art Party

more info about The Annex Art Party and The Unicorn Awards


Publish your work Artist of the week