The Babylon System Part 1: George Floyd

Upside Down Pyramid 1.5

There are many narratives woven into my previous blog Upside Down Pyramid (UDP). In today’s blog, I’d like to analyze the hero’s journey in UDP.

The protagonist’s story was about finding growth by letting go. How do we define letting go? We stop allowing ourselves to be controlled by chaotic distractions. Distractions often come in shiny packaging and everyone knows that shiny packages in the grocery store weigh us down.  When we ascend past our fears to a higher purpose, beyond a physical world that needs us to consume, beyond the seven deadly sins that lure us, corrupt us, and cloud our judgment, we transcend from the physical world into a metaphysical world. 


The Spiritual World.

The journey (blog) starts in our protagonist’s room. This is the dream state where the spiritual world meets the physical. Tempted by his dreams of Jessica Rabbit, he reaches past the dream state and taps into a collective, into human consciousness, the bigger picture.

In the spiritual world, we are beyond the seven deadly sins that govern us. We are beyond the flesh, beyond ourselves. Lust has governed this journey thus far, but he is not alone. We all have our own inner demons, our own dragons. For this protagonist, the dragon approached him in the form of Jessica Rabbit. 


The Seven Deadly Sins.  

The same things that have brought us to the edge of individual human consciousness no longer apply. Slaying our own dragons is the way we learn to let go and ascend. Beyond human consciousness, we ascend to universal consciousness. We are the universe articulating itself.  We have made god in our own image. In life, one can be a billionaire without ever ascending past the dream state; true poverty.

For centuries we have had many spiritually impoverished people making bad decisions, consistently keeping the masses poor, conditioning us to fight for scraps.

Insight – Upside Down Pyramid (part 1)


The Death of George Floyd 

The second part of UDP  is the physical representation of ascension: slave soldier warrior crown. 

In the physical world, the slave complains about the enslaved environment. The slave is often a victim of their own mind. The slave complains about society but doesn’t do anything about it. They find excuses, that’s true mental health. Once the slave can see beyond the mental limitation imposed on them, they start to see past the trees, they understand the forest, they transcend. 

In many cases, all it takes is a spark. 


The Soldier Fights. 

They have something to fight for but a soldier only goes so far. The warrior is willing to die for the things they believe in. They inspire a following and that following crowns them a leader, the authority.

The crown understands its power comes from service. Being of service to the community that entrusted them, but what if the crown fails us?


What if the system is broken? 

The system has been bought and paid for by those who can’t transcend past the dream state. The fear of loss won’t let them. They have been doing this for centuries. We now live in an irreversible pandora’s box.

George Floyd represents more than a black man dying. He is a representation of a broken system. Centuries of oppression choking the life out of us. The image triggered many people outside our own culture and is uniting both left and right against the system. A testament to those who died for our freedoms but we still have a long way to go.

I hope there are many warriors out there who will die for their cause. 

The Babylon System (part 1) 

A friend of mine once asked me, “What happened?”

That question dropped out of the blue.

He pointed at my hair, and said, ‘you used to always be clean-cut but now you’re dreadlocked.

I explained that it does not matter.

We can conform to this system and follow the rules they want us to live by, but in the end, it doesn't matter. Racists are still going to be racist and they will get away with murder. 

All of us are targets.

Our parents will have to sit us down and prepare us for a reality in which we could get shot for just existing.  This is one of the reasons why I call it the Babylon System, It's a prison not just in the physical world.


The Red Dragon

If our parents don’t do it, we’ll see it on social media.

Either way, we get trapped.

Mental slavery in the land of the free, designed to keep us poor, making us live with fear and anxiety from birth. Fear burns a lot of energy. That's a representation of the red dragon in the Upside Down Pyramid. The dragon is something that weighs us down.

It opens us up to bitterness and resentment and that energy burns us out faster. 

It’s a prison in its own right because on a physical plane it opens us up to becoming sick faster. We experience mental health problems limiting our potential.

It’s mental slavery. Disconnecting us from universal consciousness.

It doesn't matter how well-spoken we are, how much money we make, the education, accolades we have; in the end, our black skin will always be the precursor that dictates our stories. 

The media loves to pound that into culture for sensationalism’s sake, so they can get clicks. The poison gets ingrained into human consciousness and it’s built into the very fabric that governs us subconsciously, pitting the rules against us.



Regardless of our accomplishments, there will always be resentful people, and by extension, racist people. There are ignorant people who don’t know any better, but then there are those who are just terrible people, they can’t let it go. 

It’s no longer a choice, it's a mental health problem for them, it’s their red dragon, it’s their poison but it doesn’t have to be mine. 

Growing my hair is about us, it’s about representing the culture and showing how beautiful we are without continuing the cycle of oppression. By being ambassadors to those who are curious and that’s how we’ll defeat the real enemy.

The Babylon System (Part1)

  • A very special thanks to Toronto artist Mo Salihou who's painting of George Floyd triggered this blog

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