#TAAP6 – @TOArtGiftIdeas – Toronto Art Gift Ideas for The Holidays

 CreativeUTO and The Annex Art Party: 2020 Merchandising Strategy

Toronto Art Gift Ideas For Holiday 2019

Toronto Art Gift Ideas is an on-going marketing campaign hosted by CreativeUTO, and The Annex Art Party 6. It is designed to bring awareness to artists of Toronto and their artwork through CUTO branded merchandise, including photo books, postcards, high-resolution posters, and t-shirts. 


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Art Gift Ideas

Merchandise will be sold directly on our website, where patrons can order art through artists’ individual stores or become unicorns through our Patreon account. Unicorns get a box, or any one of the included items, such as postcards, t-shirts, and/or the monthly photobook

Click here - The service is free to register. Add ons will be made available through your CUTO account

How it Works?

  1. Register through the form below
  2. When you submit your art you will get an E-mail verification code
  3. You'll get an invite to an account on Slack
  4. You'll get an invite to set up a shop on WordPress
  5. You'll be able to use your account for future events
  6. We notify you of your sales
  7. We payout every month through Paypal

Selection process

  • We will work with a select few artists
  • We will push to publish every art submitted on IG
  • Part of our selection process is based on likes


Royalties for Artists

Once artists supply their art and their interview, we begin working on including them in our next volume. We then schedule their work accordingly for the next iteration of CUTO Art Box. The goal is to keep these boxes as varied as possible in order to maintain the element of surprise for our patrons.


Profit Share Payout

  • 30% : CreativeUTO and Contractors
  • 60% : Artists for Group of Products or Individual Pieces
  • 10% : Strategic Partners



Kaasy - Keywords targeted on Instagram

We will use the research and development from The Annex Art Party 6, and package it into a function called Keyword Adaptive Advertising System (KAASy). This will be used to target keywords on Facebook and Instagram for advertising and canvass anyone who posts these hashtags to build awareness. We will also present options at the end of each video we publish, as well as our blogs on the CreativeUTO.ca website.

  • Art : 561.52 million posts
  • Instadaily: 413.54 million posts
  • Inspiration: 152.34 million posts
  • Artists: 158.6 million posts
  • Artsy: 27.26 million posts
  • Visual merchandise : 54.03 million posts


Product Markup

  • $ 25.00: T-shirt with Art Print
  • $35.00 : 2020 Elegant Notebook with Art Wrap-Around
  • $35.00 : 2020 Elegant Calendar with Art Wrap-Around


300 Unicorns - Potluck Meetup

A two-hour event where we share our food and culture, what it means to be creative entrepreneurs, and collaborate on each other's project outlines through a design and thinking process. Artists are welcome and encouraged to participate in our business development programs, such as our Potluck Meetup, which is broadcasted on our podcast. Our Meetup is every Sunday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm and it will be broadcasted live in the TOArtGifIdeas platform.


Develop Influencers

We will use the Meetup to help artists create a project outline to determine their direction, sales strategy, and social media strategy. 

  • All artists who participated in The Annex Art Party are pre-registered
  • Notify us to assign your account
  • Upload your art directly to the website
  • Set up your online store
  • Manage your store on your own time without restrictions
  • Access to 24/7 chat support on Slack


The purpose of this podcast is to help Unicorns develop their projects and raise funding for CUTO Marketplace: a five-day expo that brings together investors, industry professionals, influencers, vendors, artists, coders, and performers to purchase art, workshops, services, and exchange skills and information.