Top 5 Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians in Toronto 

Top 5 Rehearsal Spaces for Musicians in Toronto 


One of the more difficult aspects of being a musician in Toronto is finding a space to rehearse.

With neighbours and noise complaints being a very common issue for those trying to hone their craft, having access to a space with a pass to be as loud as you want can be a blessing.

Lucky for you, the city of Toronto is ripe with rehearsal spaces at prices that suit a working musician’s budget.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and most affordable spots in the GTA according to some of our favourite musicians in the city.

Whether you are a solo musician, a DJ or a band- these spots will provide you with more than enough room (and gear) to get loud before your next gig:

1. DC Music

Location: 360 Munster Avenue (Bloor & Kipling)
Contact: 416-234-0222
Price: Starting at $15/hr (2 hour minimum)



With fully outfitted and spacious practice rooms, complete with sound treatment and Marshall stacks - DC Music is much more than just a rehearsal space.

Housing a professional recording studio, artist development program, touring pre-production resources as well as custom merchandise services - DC Music prides itself on being a one-stop shop for musicians and their various needs.

For a full list of specifications and room resources, click here

2. The Groove Room

Location: 15 Towns Road (Kipling & Horner)
Contact: 416-259-3325
Price: Starting at $20/hr (2 hour minimum) // Solo Musician Rate: $10/hr (2 hour minimum)



The Groove Room is a fantastic hideaway for musicians who are looking to get loud.

Tucked away on Towns Road, this gem of a spot will suit the needs of just about any musician (and free parking is a huge bonus).

On top of their standard rehearsal room rates, Groove Room provides a discounted rate for solo musicians looking to rehearse.

For a full list of room specifications, click here.

3. LYNX Music

Location: 260 Emerson Avenue (Emerson & Dupont)
Contact: 416-485-9999
Price: Starting at $20/hr



Lynx Music sports a colourful set of rooms, each with their own unique theme.

Whether you want to shoe-gaze in the Half-Baked Room, or write the next 6ix banger in the Toronto Room, Lynx Music has got you covered with a variety of spaces that will inspire your creative mind.

Each room comes equipped with an HD projector and iPad control for those looking for a more immersive rehearsal session.

For a complete list of rooms & equipment, click here:

4. The Jam Space

Location: 500 Keele Street (Dundas West & Keele)
Contact: 416-722-7363
Price: Starting at $15/hr



The Jam Space certainly lives up to its name.

With a 1,000 square foot main room, space is not an issue in the slightest for this place.

Located on the second floor of a Junction warehouse, this space will fulfill all your vibey needs for a great rehearsal.

The Jam Space also provides photo and video services to artists looking to improve their online image.

For room and equipment specifications, click here

5. Cherry Jam Rehearsal

Location: 33 Villiers Street & 154 Islington Avenue
Contact: 416-693-1816
Price: $25/hr at both locations

Having been in business since 1997, Cherry Jam Rehearsal has much to offer both the uptown and downtown musician.

With spacious rooms and reliable gear, this spot has played host to many musicians over the years, including Justin Timberlake, Shania Twain and Tommy Lee.

Musicians booking here will be sure to find a space that will cater to their needs and leave no stone unturned.

For room and equipment specifications, click here


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Special thanks to Daniel Goldstein (GURTH- Drums), Julio Chavez (Good Grief/Red Lines/Barrens - Drums), Tiz Macnamara (Singer-Songwriter) & Adam Tobias (Guitarist/Producer) who contributed their favourite spots to rehearse in the city!