Twenty One Toys’ Sarah Cuddie to Help Award Unicorns for #TAAP5

One defining attribute of an artist is the ability to feel with more intensity; what is further unique to artists is how they use that ability to interpret the world around them. A key attribute of being a unicorn is an artist who interprets and creates something that provides an innovative solution that enriches us.

Some of us use canvas, some make music, a few code, and others create toys.

My interpretation is that mentorship, or how we take in data, is abstract and doesn’t come from a single source. The code reveals itself based on the programming we take in. In a vast world where we are constantly pushed to chase bread and participate in the next circus…

if we




to take a breather and read the “right now,” more often empathize with the universe around us, we wouldn’t need vacations from our working lives.

That brings me full circle to award inning social enterprise, Twenty One Toys, founded by a creative unicorn Ilana Ben Ari, designed to slow us down and help us empathize.

About Twenty One Toys

Twenty One Toys is an award-winning social enterprise that uses toys to teach empathy, dealing with failure, and other key 21st century skills. First featured on TEDx, their multi-award winning Empathy Toy is being used in hundreds of schools and offices worldwide. Proving that toys are the new textbooks, Twenty One Toys is well on its way to creating the world’s first global community of empathic leaders. With workshops and training programs for all ages — even TIME magazine has praised their toys as a future technology!

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About Ilana Ben-Ari

Ilana Ben-Ari is a multiple-award winning product designer, TEDx speaker, and Ariane de Rothschild Fellow. She has been working at the intersection of design and social innovation for over 7 years, has been featured in the Guardian UK, Independent UK, and TIME magazine and is the founder of Twenty One Toys, a multiple-award-winning toy start-up. She transformed her thesis project into the company’s first product, The Empathy Toy. Originally designed for visually impaired students and their sighted classmates. It is now used as a tool to teach Empathy worldwide.

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About Community Manager Sarah Cuddie

Twenty Toys will be represented by their Community Manager Sarah Cuddie who will be 1 of many industry insiders awarding points during the unciron awards at  The Annex Art Party on Saturday August 25th 

Sarah Cuddie is the Community Manager for Twenty One Toys - an award-winning social enterprise that that teaches empathy, failure, and other key 21st century skills using toys and playful workshops.
Sarah got her entrepreneurial start when she founded a day camp in high school and has been working on filling the world with empathy and play ever since.
Prior to joining the team at Twenty One Toys, Sarah spent 5 years working at one of the largest social enterprises in Canada, Me to We, where she worked to develop leadership and social justice training for schools and organizations.
She is also an Associate Editor at Womanly Magazine, and a freelance writer. Sarah has travelled to 29 countries and speaks 5 languages, which has helped her to learn a lot of people’s stories. What she hasn’t learned there, she learns from her love of reading, and is working towards reading 75 books this year. Sarah believes that stories help people to see beyond statistics, and that art and play can revolutionize the way people of all ages learn.

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