#TAAP6 – The Unicorn Awards

The Unicorn Awards

From its inception, we’ve pushed to evolve The Annex Art Party into a living piece of art, where patrons can walk through captivating environments created by Unicorns. The Unicorn Awards bring that idea to life, as they help artists build currency online and in person. 

Creating a show within a show, The Unicorn Awards are given to reward the artists who create the most memorable experiences at our shows. Event attendees are encouraged to cast their Unicorn Awards votes at the show, on our website, and through our social media pages.

The event launches today. Voting will continue throughout November, and the winning Unicorns will be awarded at the Potluck Meetup on November 24th at 3:00PM.

Unicorn Awards Voting System

  • In-Person (The Annex Art Party) : 7 points
  • On CreativeUTO.ca Website: 5 points
  • Instagram Likes and Comments : 3 points
  • Facebook Likes and Comments : 3 points 

The Unicorn Awards is an event within The Annex Art Party and is the engine that keeps it moving forward online and at the event throughout the winter season. It has been designed to maximize #UnicornAwards #TAAP6 #TOArtGiftIdeas and is open to all Canadian artists. Artists must directly participate through a program of CreativeUTO in order to receive awards.


Award Categories Include: