#Video – The History of Artificial Intelligence, From Ancient Greece

Computers are becoming more capable every year, replacing and or expanding on human needs but where did it all start? This video breaks down where our love for artificial intelligence comes from, how we express the desire for it through our art, and how art drives us to move forward through innovation.  

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Artificial intelligence has been a topic of growing prominence in the media and mainstream culture since 2015, as well as in the investment world, with start-ups that even mention the word in their business model, gaining massive amounts of funding.

While to many, the hype around AI may appear sudden, the concepts of modern artificial intelligence have been around for over a century and extending further, the concept of artificial intelligence and artificial beings have been in the minds of humans for thousands of years.

To better understand and appreciate this technology and those who brought it to us as well as to gain insight into where it will take us: sit back, relax and join me in an exploration on the history of artificial intelligence.