Video- The David S. Thompson Story Gets 1st Ever Toronto Artist of the Week

Toronto Artists of the Week.

Getting to know artists

We will publish new emerging artists of Toronto throughout the week in #CUTO marketplace, a section dedicated to providing a snap shop of today’s creative entrepreneurs (Unicorns) on Unicorns will use a Google form that will walk them through an automated interview process that asks insightful questions.

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Publish art, services, or a workshop

Artists can use the form to publish their art, stories, workshops while simultaneously selling their arts and services in our networks. Artists who become community members get more dedicated business development help, we use a portion of the fee to advertise their artwork on Google and Facebook, we create a dedicated page for them with a dedicated shop, they get access to on-going workshops, to develop a foundation business system and events like the mastermind meetings, BBQs, and The Annex Art Party.  

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Raise the Volume

Every week we take a snapshop of the most trending artists - based on Volume - on the website. Volume is a score assigned to each artist'spost based on trending, sales, shares, likes and comments. That score will be known as Volume, the artists with the most volume wins artist of the week. Artists of the week can only be assigned to newly published artists, all artists are eligible for artist of the month

This week's list of artists includes, acrylic painters, oil painters, steampunk, jewelers

About My Art, My Way, My Story

Mid way through my speech I must admit I thought to myself "what am I'm doing up here...nobody cares about my stupid story ...I'm just making a fool of myself". Then at the end when I said "Thank you"..I walked of the podium with my head down looking at the floor saying to myself "that was terrible". ..and then in a fraction of a second something happened I'll remember and cherish forever..  I heard clapping and cheers and when I looked up I saw them all standing clapping and cheering me on. - David S. Thompson

Video – David S. Thompson: My Art, My Way, My Story



Shop - Steampunk Inspired Jewelry by Steamgummy


Fundraiser – The Ark Car: Toronto’s Bounciest Art Car


Shop – Ink and Graphite Prints by Dasilva Illustrations


Shop – Acrylic on Canvass Art by James Flux


Shop – Oil Canvasses & Print by Tamar Ellah