Workshops – We Worked on The Tempus Logo, Remotely

We are hosting remote workshops.

Following up from the previous workshop, we were able to detail the day to day operations for Ari's organization, Tempus Time Savers. This allows us to see, costs down the line, setup quotas, milestones we need to target and when amongst other things.

It also allowed us to work on his website/app, and the logo you see in today’s blog post, being able to send multiple revisions back and forth.

About our business development workshops

The Art of the Sale

The purpose of the workshop is for us to use elements of design thinking to build a business canvass model and learn to pitch our idea within 30 seconds to the class. The workshop will continue onward, with... social media hierarchy, sales funnel hierarchy and know thyself. It'll depend on group consensus.

Business Canvass Model

The results will be that you'll have a business canvass model that gives you the foundation to tell your your story, your idea to web developers, investors, clients, customers,

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