Workshop – The Art of The Sale with amuLight and Biizindam


Wow wow wow, I have to say, launching a new product is one of the most nerve wrecking experiences I have to face.

It never gets easier... Ever... Today marks the first time I hosted the Business Development Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs.

It was attended by Tricia from amuLight and Keeshig-Tobias from Biizindam who were both amazing.

Through the workshop, we discussed who we were as entrepreneurs. I have over 20 years of selling stuff so I was able to go over sales philosophies, tactics and strategies. We briefly discussed social media and how to maximize presence organically without having to pay.

By the end of the class, they got to develop their idea through a Business Canvass Model so they had ways to compare ideas while developing it. Now they have a better understanding of how to sell it in 30 seconds.

The experience was transcending and humbling to me.

Thank you

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