Workshops – The Wheels of Time Grind Slow but Perfectly Fine

About the laws of attraction.

The reason we don't succeed?

Because we perceive loss as a failure.

I've learned early on in life that chaos is a gateway towards success, that the wheels of time grind slow but perfectly fine, but we lose sight because we don't pay attention.

We want things in life and sometimes (more like all the time) success hears us out and decides to (re)position us to get where we want to go. This repositioning can look like chaos to the untrained eye... Failure. We end up losing because we fight to hang on to the comforts of old.
And that's how failure happens because we fail to see the diamonds success places in front of us.

Enter On The Spot Language, a startup that uses Toronto as a class room to teach English to Japanese students. it is operated by Anesh and Mai.

We often talk about the projects we're working on and where we want to go. Through these conversations I was introduced to Kiyomi Inoue

With minimal English she took the time to hear out, The Art of the Sale, she was able to implement the art right away, selling tables, and managing the community for The Annex Art Party. Allowing me some breathing room to focus on other tangible that'll make @creativeuto successful.

Kiyomi proclaimed that she wants to do art parties in Japan.

The wheels of time grind slow but perfectly fine.

We fail and stay stuck in mediocre because we don't pay attention to the the diamonds success is showing us and we lose out on opportunities.

Also, thank yous to Jade Elektra for coming out.

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